XNA boss talks up Zune game concepts

Microsoft has yet to announce European plans for the company's iPod competitor, Zune, but XNA boss Chris Satchell has told Eurogamer that proof-of-concept game development for the handheld media device is progressing very nicely.

"That touchpad is great," said Satchell, who demonstrated a basic Zune shoot-'em-up called Zauri at GDC in February. "I'm used to mobile games and it's always terrible. Not the games, but the input. And so this sort of blew me away."

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wow4u3866d ago

The Zune is a terrific DAP for sure, if you are in the market for a DAP, I recommend Zune. My wife & I have a pair, and love them.

But that said, I think this current XNA on Zune strategy tells us something. MS is rolling out its first "portable game device" -- and it is the current Zune device as we see here.

But, where is it going? When MS purchased Danger Inc, they said they were doing so as part of their game strategy.

My Prediction is this:

The next Danger Inc. HipTop (Sidekick) will be a LIVE-connected, Zune branded game/media cellphone.

It will be put up against he PSP/DS and the media-savy, non-business cellphone market (N90, Symbians, iphone, RIM devices). The keyboard will stay, their will be analogue pad(s?) and it will co-incide with the roll out of a branding for LIVE Anywhere.

And, while this is all conjecture, I'd say its pretty likely... you can see them lining these things up.

Now, here's my '2nd guess' about these things: It will run all the Xbox LIVE Arcade titles, they'll launch the Device and with it, a new market for XBLA developers (and XNA Community (as we see them lining up the Zune Games now...)).

iNcRiMiNaTi3866d ago

i might trade in my zune for the new one so i can play some games

FordGTGuy3866d ago

BTW if that is you in the avatar your very cute :P.