Europe tired of waiting for 80Gb PS3 and DualShock 3

An editorial from VG247 on the dangers facing SCEE if it continues to keep an 80Gb PS3 unannounced in Europe. A taste:

"SCEE's danger here is that ill feeling will leak out of the "savvy" consumer group in Europe and into a wider audience. How thrilled are punters going to be if they spent £300 on a 40Gb PS3 for GT5: Prologue only to find a few months later that their machines have 50 percent less capacity that the "new" machine and come with an obsolete controller? The answer is "very", but "it wouldn't have been so bad if they had made an informed buying decision." The phrase "rock and a hard place" springs to mind.

Honesty is the best policy, Sony. Announce the 80Gb machine, announce a date for DualShock 3, announce a proper Metal Gear pack and start treating Europe as an equal. Face having PlayStation 3 associated with the phrase "depressingly inevitable" for much of this year if you don't."

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thereapersson3936d ago

They make some rather stupid decisions when it comes to world business policy in their gaming division. They need to make a unified approach to Europe and stop d1cking around with delays, lack of content and announcements that take forever to see the light of day.

CViper3936d ago

The sales do have to speak for themselves. Yea 400 people might be mad on the internet, but it would appear as though Sony is selling fine in its European regions.

Who are we to argue with whatever data is collected from consumers that Sony uses to gauge its markets? I'd have to assume that Sony hires some pretty intelligent people, as does Microsoft. I think the only public blunder that Joe on the street was right about was bluray.

Either we aren't seeing the big picture, or Sony is just screwing up. But a screw up would be quantified as sales.

ruibing3936d ago

Well Europe does get the MGO beta for free without having to pre-order.

mistertwoturbo3936d ago

One thing to consider is that in business in general, companys tend to focus on areas that are having the most trouble. This case being the U.S. which is not as successful as the european market. Unfortunately that translate to something like "Well europe is good already, let's focus on the US to see what we can do to get more sales there!"

And as for Japan, it's they're homeland which happens to be dominated by Nintendo. So it's the same, they're going to try to do more in Japan to catch up to the competition.

Britjadg3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

have to say that sony does seem to keep shafting its european base. i was lucky enough to pick up the original 60 gig ps3 with backwards compatibility and all the original features - and at a reasonableish price of 350 GBP.

console wise sonys gone through like 3 other models (2x 40 gig with varying degrees of backwards compatibility and now this new 80 gig). how can a company seemingly have no idea about whats its consumers want/need?

i have been waiting on dualshock for ages (mostly because i refuse to spend money on importing these things and while i realise next gen consoles should be looking forwards not backwards, i dont think (a supposed) 140 million ps2 fanbase are gonna upgrade to ps3 without full backwards compatibility for their games and dualshock capability that was available on their "old" system. its just crazy it really is. i personally think that sony dropped the ball on this one.

i'm disappointed in sony, 3 gens of consoles and they couldn't organise a metaphorical pissup in a brewery.

Coheno3936d ago

Europe is ALWAYS behind om EVERYTHING, so i think people over here are used to that kind of treatment from every company...

fox023936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

how can you get use to been treated like crap??

Britjadg3936d ago

agree with fox, just because you think it happens - doesn't mean its the case, or that it should continue.

Keowrath3936d ago

I agree with Coheno. Sad fact of life, How can we be used to being treated like crap? I've been console gaming since late 80's early 90's. There's no denying it, we sre and have always been treated like crap. It's the reason I've imported for so long. Games coming 6 months to a year later, games not being released, no special editions, no betas, games being more expensive.

I try not to complain about it because sadly I am used to it. Britjadg, Coheno doesn't just "think" it's happening. It IS happening and has been doing so for years. I agree that it shouldn't continue though. But so far I think this generation has actually been kinder/better than previous ones.

Coheno3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

I'm not saying i APPROVE of it...but sadly I can't do much about it! I live in Europe and been gaming since early 90's and it has ALWAYS been that way, so i guess I just have ajusted to the point that, as Keowrath said, we get everything later than everybody else. And the fact that everthing is A LOT more expensive then everywhere else...
ANd due to all of this I also have begun importing the good stuff, like recently the DS3 from Japan...
But as Keowrath also said, I think this generation is A LOT better. The fact that we actually get stuff now that no one else is, in form of MetalGearOnline beta, and we got the GT5P 2-3 weeks before,and I think it's awesome...and is well overdue...

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anh_duong3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

europe tired of waiting for 80gb?? think the MAJORITY of europeans weren't aware of one coming..

but yeah, i always think sony made a mistake by getting rid of the 60gb.

Lucreto3936d ago

I am not waiting for dual shock 3 or the 80gb as I am in fear of my exams in about two weeks time but if the rumor is true DS3 should be out on the 2ed of May.

I would like an 80 GB is there is any truth in the 800 error rumor so I can have a choice is something like that happens to mine.

It looks like SCEE is the problem in all this. If you look at SCEA is looks like a different company. SCEE need to be more proactive in their work and try and level the playing field.

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