Xbox Australia responds to a lack of Xbox One voice control in Australia, New Zealand

Stevivor -- "Last week, it was revealed that the Xbox One would not support voice commands in Australia and New Zealand at launch. Today, a Microsoft representative provided some further clarification on the news.

"Let’s just put it out there right now: the statements provided by Xbox Australia don’t say much that we didn’t already know."

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NatureOfLogic2267d ago

Why rush the Xbox One with all of these issues MS? Just delay the Xbox One. PS4 will no doubt sell more, so what's the rush.

Mario182267d ago

Weren't they supposed to announce a date during PAX?

majiebeast2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Those were rumours, some say TGS but that would be just weird when you arent even launching anytime soon in that country.

Maybe they will have just a solo event for it.

Avernus2267d ago

I would honestly laugh if they Tweeted out the launch date...

They had multiple chances to announce a release date, and did not take them. Wonder what they waiting on at this point.

colonel1792267d ago

It's just too weird that they haven't announced a date. I mean, I don't think they want to do it Apple style and just say: It's out, go to the store right now, because with Apple works, since they announce stuff the same day. The Xbox was announced in May.

For me, they are struggling in any way, shape or form. They have it really tough

BitbyDeath2267d ago

Alberto Penello said the hardware isn't finished yet, so they can't announce anything until the issues get sorted.

JohnnyBadfinger2267d ago

It's so simple to fix... Let the users record their voices for the on and off commands and any other basic voice commands. Problem solved.

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jackanderson19852267d ago

i just can't wrap my head around why it doesn't work in Ireland... it says the UK which includes Northern Ireland but yet if i happened to live just south of the border it won't work in the Republic?

paul-p19882267d ago

From a logical standpoint you would expect it to work in both Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland (from an Englishman's perspective the accent is pretty similar in both, so surely that shouldn't be the problem...)

But this IS Microsoft we are talking about here, all logical reason is left at the door with them and the X1...

beebap2267d ago

Yes this seems weird.I live in NI but republic different government so different regulations I suppose.Also we speak a lot faster up here and it is different but suppose in areas it sounds similar.I was in Germany at gamescom actually but anyway girl on train heard us talking and she stayed in london for uni and she actually asked us if we were scottish.
But I think this is all bs as they went down from 21 countries to 13 because of language localisation they said and now trying to use similar reason not only have voice commands on 5 countries.Seriously Microsoft planned to have kinect from day one so why is this not already sorted out a long time ago and with no launch date I think this xbox is rushed.I think they were planning on realeasing it next year. That what I think.I am scared it going to have lots of problems so I'm waiting for while before I even think of buying it.

ma1asiah2267d ago

No Big Deal really, so I cant turn the X1 On or Off by voice alone in my country.

Oh well until they figure out how to get Kinect 2.0 to understand us Kiwi's or the Wallabies across th ditch we have to use our controllers.

What about if we use our best american accents lmfao will it understand us then?????

sincitysir12267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

So a big thing for Xbox according to Microsoft is voice nav and you're telling me you're ok with that not being available? -_- smh

ma1asiah2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

"What does that really mean? Well, we won’t be able to turn on our Xbox Ones without a controller in Australia and New Zealand."

So I cant go Xbox On or Xbox Off ummmmm why would I get upset about that.

Plus it is coming eventually to NZ and Australia.

If I had a choice between getting my X1 this year or being like other parts of the world and having to wait for a launch next year even though I have had it fully paid off since the end of July this year, well sorry I would rather have it this year even without voice control.

Is it going to impair my ability to play games = NO.

Does this mean I cannot use Skype or Party Chat on the X1 = NO.

It might however impact the whole Xbox Record for in game DVR functunality at launch I'd suspect.

I have Kinect now yet use the controller 90% of the time for most things and they have actually got the voice recognition working pretty sweet these days on X360 in NZ (as long as the room is quiet like dead quiet hahaha, but hey it is Kinect 1.0 after all)

I'm more bummed for no external HDD support at launch then this.

sincitysir12267d ago

Never did I say it would impede your ability to play games. I'm just saying that Microsoft made this feature seem like a huge aspect of their console and kinect. If you read comments on here the big plus From the Xbox camp is the ability to turn the fucker on using your voice. I would just be upset is all. Sure I wouldn't cancel my preorder but it's still upsetting.

warewolfSS2267d ago

Stop being so rational haha

ma1asiah2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

@ sincitysir1

I didn't imply you said that it would impeded ones ability to play games, I was trying to make a point.

BUT!!! come on it is a feature of the X1 and not even one that because it wont work as intended at launch will totally blow the whole experience.

It's coming that is the main thing just not at launch.

I mean when the X360 was released down under we didn't get MS point cards until almost 6 months to a year after the X360 was released and that was given the fact that the X360 saw a northern hemisphere release in Novemember 2005 and we didn't get it until late February 2006. So as a consequence you were forced to use a credit card if you wanted to buy stuff from the online marketplace and even then it was Visa and if I recall one other, I had an American Express credit card at the time and it wasn't supported.

Plus where some countries got apps like LastFM, Netflix, Hula Plus or got access to the indies games marketplace we down under did not.

Hell we have only started getting apps localised for us in the last 2 years. Granted we never got our dashboard clogged up with advertising etc and never saw an increase in Gold membership either.

Somethings are just not worth getting worked up over and others like the no support for external HDD's at launch are a complete WTF moment, especially if you are like me and had hopes of going fully digital this time around.

But then again once again it will eventually happen just not at launch.

Finally I don't know about you but I'm buying the X1 to play next gen games that my current X360 will not be able to play, not scream Xbox On, Xbox Off.

Maybe it is just me given some of the disagrees but I just don't see why some of you'se are spitting the dummy over this and I live in one of the countries that is affected by this.

gigoran2267d ago

Soooooo... one of their only "big points"(?) being missing is no big deal? Lets not forget their other draw cards, that being the whole tv thing, will also be missing in Australian and many other places. Hmmm interesting.

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PS4isKing_822267d ago

Microsoft should just stick to windows and leave the gaming business to Sony and Nintendo.

paul-p19882267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Normally i would say competition is a good thing and their existence can only be good for the gamers... but the way that Microsoft have handled the release of the X1 is just absurd, it's not so much competition, more of a bloodbath.

At this point, with all the issues they are having and poor PR, it wouldn't be too farfetched to believe the Wii U may even beat it into 3rd place this gen...

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