We Can't Forget The Last Generation Launch

GameZone - In the past decade, Sony has had two pretty memorable console debuts. This past year when showcasing the PS4, they weren’t afraid to take shots at Microsoft and had the audience chanting their name. Back in 2006 when they unveiled the PS3, it was an entirely different story, one filled with giant enemy crabs, Ridge Racer, and “599 U.S. dollars.

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NatureOfLogic2263d ago

Xbox One is aiming to be the worst console launch ever. PS3 had a lot of haters and high price, Xbox One on the other hand have too many problems to list.

Fireseed2263d ago

I see you've only been gaming for a couple years then, that's adorable.

2pacalypsenow2262d ago

It isnt his fault he wasn't born 50 years ago

Mike134nl2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Lets be fair the xb1 it was the worst announcement/ introduction of any consoles, with al the controversy surrounding drm.
With the worst launch (after 2000)the ps3 really takes the cake. Sony has clearly learned from their mistakes with the ps3.

morganfell2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I am mystified how Sony had the worst launch yet outsold the Xbox 360 from day 1. Yes it was attacked by a legion of people before and after the launch. But it is obvious from the numbers many of those same detractors purchased the PS3.

Mike134nl2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

@morganfell lets look back at the ps3 launch, you have got to at least agree that with the ps4 they are doing everything what they did with the ps3 right.

1 launched a few months after xb360
2 was quite expansive
3 was delayed in europe
4 controller had no rumble and 'boomerang rumours'
5 bad pr lot of ps 3 fail memes
6 Only till recently the ps3 has been outselling the xb360 on a global wide base

morganfell2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Mike go back and look at the numbers. The PS3 was gaining on the 360 from the start including launch. The PS3 did not start outselling the 360 just recently. They have been gaining from tne start until they outsold them. And still they are expanding the lead. You can't just throw up the price as with the X1. The PS3 had HDMI and a bluray player, both of which became the de facto industry standards unlike Kinect which has failed to make a dent.

While I readily acknowledge the delays and rumble as mistakes bad PR lies on some shaky ground. Major publications attacking the PS3 mere months after launch asking what went wrong and showing a PS3 with a tomato smashed against it. The editor stated publicly he laughed when he showed Sony Execs the cover. He thought the entire affair was funny. Professional much? Never mind that the PS3 was already gaining ground. Not once did that publication put a RROD 360 on the cover. MS had to spend 1 Billion to sort that issue and they were given a pass. So while bad PR can be justified, and Sony deserved some of it, it cannot be exactly overplayed with the recent MS mistakes.

Mike134nl2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Pretty sure they did only start outselling recently. Lets base my argument on numbers and article provided by vga.

"The gap was just over five million units when the PlayStation 3 launched, but it grew to more than eight million units as the PlayStation 3 struggled to take off when it first launched."

"After more than six years of playing catch up, lifetime PlayStation 3 sales have passed lifetime Xbox 360 sales to become the second bestselling home console for the seventh generation."


morganfell2262d ago

Go look at the official numbers from Sony and MS for yearly sales.

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Niv2263d ago

It's $499, $599 for the larger sku.

chrissx2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Who can? Let's hope its a better one this time around

kromy19942263d ago

At least it is free online

Haules2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Can you Forget the 40% failure rate x360?

I can't Forget with that high price and one year late release date compared to x360, they managed to outsell the X360 in every year.

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