The Wonderful 101 Review (NWR)

"A flawed but inherently awesome game that will put your skills to the test.

Hideki Kamiya will probably not read this review, but he is one of the most interesting minds in the industry. His love for sharply developed action titles is unparalleled, and they are so much fun simply because he does everything in this power to make them enjoyable. While games like Okami and Bayonetta were apart from each other in a million different ways, they both stand high as some of my most fond memories in the last few years. With that said, going into The Wonderful 101 was a completely new journey altogether, and something I went into with excitement as well as some reservations. The ideas seemed so out there and there was a lot to take in, but on other hand you have this interesting vibe to it which makes it an unique ride. After finishing the game I can say that while I don't regret playing it for a moment, there were some elements I struggled with along the way.", writes NintendoWorldReport.

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