Today in Retro Gaming - Die Hard Trilogy Hits PSOne

Modern Zorker writes, "If you’ve ever found yourself watching an action movie and thought, “Pfffft! I could do that!” then the August 1996 release of Die Hard Trilogy was your chance to prove it. UK-based developer Probe Entertainment, already known for a pair of rock-solid Mortal Kombat adaptations for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive, stepped up to the plate with this bio-pic based on the life and times of one witty, foul-mouthed New York cop upon whom the universe decided repeatedly to defecate during the holiday season. And you thought it sucked getting coal in your stocking."

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HugoDrax2268d ago

The golden days, when any and every PLAYSTATION game was fun in it's own way. Nostalgic!

BranWheatKillah2268d ago

Loved this game. PS1 really is the best.

Morgue2268d ago

Massive amounts of blood and violence in that game. Good times for sure.

bigboss19902268d ago

YIPPIE KIE YAY LOL this game was proper back in the day though

RE_L_MAYER2268d ago

still remember that peeing dude that was just standing there-not shooting at you

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