Konami’s ambitious PES 2014 may yet fall on the sword of FIFA 14’s next-gen marvel - MMGN writes: FIFA 14 was all the buzz at Germany’s gaming extravaganza two weeks ago. Quite literally, actually: research from Way to Blue showed that 41 percent of Twitter, blog and online mentions from Gamescom were about FIFA 14. Unsurprising considering Europe’s infatuation with EA Sports’ all-dominating sports franchise. But there might be another reason whyFIFA 14 was the talk of the show: its showing on next generation consoles is a genuine leap above its 2013 predecessor, and a major roadblock in PES 2014’s campaign to regain the genre crown.

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US8F2269d ago

Lol, you should compare current gen FIFA 14 to FIFA 13 and tell me the difference. Same bug ridden game, with a few new gimmicks that don't warrant a $60 price tag. PES 2014 this gen, and FIFA 14 next gen. That is my perchase atleast.

gamernova2269d ago

Year after year they win awards for their work on FIFA. I never hear about PES at all and if I do hear something it is from people talking about how they are making great strides to match FIFA. But the cool thing is that FIFA is 40 on PC but we don't get the next gen version because EA is lazy.

gamernova2269d ago

I meant in reference of getting awards for revolutionizing the soccer simulation scene. Lol I have played their demos before and I am really not at all impressed. So many people like to bash fifa and talk about how PES is better but I do not see how.

iceman062269d ago

I hear you. But, remember...awards don't always mean everything. CoD wins countless awards year after year. Madden wins countless awards year after year. In the end, it becomes more of a popularity contest. Not saying that FIFA is bad. I actually like both games. But, I will say that PES usually has a better and more organic feel. FIFA is a bit more predictable in nature. FIFA surely had the edge in animation department (PES can be a bit stiff) and of course the leagues and clubs. But, PES had some pretty great player likenesses and the option to import teams. As I said, I like them both...and for different reasons.