PS4 favored at Dragon Con ‘Console Wars’ panel but Xbox One most discussed

XMNR: Dragon Con hosted a video game panel Sunday that packed an Atlanta, GA Hilton Hotel conference room to the point that some attendees had to sit on the floor. The hot topic was the console wars between the PS4 and Xbox One where the PS4 was the most favored next-gen console by those in the room but the conversation primarily revolved around the Xbox One.

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MariaHelFutura2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Of course the Xbox One was the most discussed.
- There is alot to say about it.
- Microsoft isn't good at talking about it themselves.

Of course the PS4 was favored.
- It's pretty much better at everything, if you feel like that's incorrect feel free to speak up.

Mystogan2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

I didn't know the PS4 had more then 300.000 dedicated servers, Better multitasking,Skype while gaming,More AAA launch exclusives,A better camera then Kinect 2, Better voice commands and a better Halo game...../End Sarcasm.

EDIT: He finally lost a bubble LETS KILL THIS TROLL!!

Aleithian2271d ago

I'm so glad that ended with "/End Sarcasm." My head was about to explode.

MariaHelFutura2271d ago

Specs: PS4
Restrictions: PS4
F2P: PS4
Price: PS4
Exclusive Devs: PS4
TV: Both (PS4 does not require your cable box)
Camera w/ Voice Recognition: Both
Preorders: PS4
Polls: PS4
Recording Time: PS4
Friendlist: PS4
Countries Available: PS4
Headset Options: PS4
Controller: PS4 (doesn't require AA's or accessories)
Indie Support: PS4
Consistency: PS4
Previous Console Support: PS4
Number Of Launch Games: PS4

True_Samurai2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Nawl his army is on the way to give him a well said. But it's just an opinion not a fact. I favor the X1 more though

twinspectre2271d ago

sorry man i give you a disagree but in the end of the line i've noticed END SARCASM anyway i'll give you an AGREE :D

Cupid_Viper_32271d ago

@ Mystogan

I don't like to get into those really petty battles.

But who needs skype while gaming? PS4 players will have free cross chat accross different platforms (PS Vita) and game streaming. Why on Earth would any need skype on top of all that.

Not to mention that PS4 has skype for free, and not behind a pay wall like some other console.

And dedicated servers? Maybe you should get a PS3 and experience it for a little bit instead of waiting for November.

Cmon dude...

Enemy2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

How's Xbox -1 not gonna be the most discussed? It's the most hated console of all time.

Xbox One discussions only happen for laughs.


How pathetic are you? Don't like facts huh? Funny you're being manhandled by a girl.

ZHZ902271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )


-I didn't know that Xbone is 40-50 more powerful than PS4. /s

- I am surprised MS has more games in developement. /s

- I didn't know that MS has better talendted 1st party studios and not relying on Capcom, Insomania and Cryteck /s

- Sony tried to screw us with DRM, no used game, always online and destroy video game industry while MS isn't /s

- I didn't know that Xbox Live has better service with value and discounts and cheaper than PS+ /s

- I didn't know that Xbox One is cheaper than PS4 /s

- I didn't know that PS4 is PSEye, while Xbone isn't Kinect /s

- I know that PS3 lack dedicated servers /s

- I know that MS isn't milking Halo, Forza, Fable and Gears /s

- I know MS will launch Xbone more countries than Sony will launch their PS4 /s

- I didn't know that Xbone has more games in development than PS4 /s

- I didn't know that Xbone surpassed 1 million preorders and MS mentioned it while Sony didn't mentioned about their PS4 /s

(End of Sarcasm)

TrollCraftTales2271d ago

-This is true, Sony doesn't have 300,000 dedicated servers, but they have a lot.

-I don't multitask, I play games..

-PS4 has group chat, no need for skype, the only reason to have skype is to talk to people that aren't on the console, which why would you do that while playing?

-No one cares about launch titles, they are basically prettier last gen games, the real good ones come later, and BTW Sony only has like, 2 or 3 less...

-*than, and I think I speak for most gamers, but MOTION CONTROLS SUCK, and everything cool the Xbox does so does PS4 pretty much...

-Voice controls,really? I like to use a controller, because I would be using the voice commands to get to a game that USES A CONTROLLER!!!! (ahem, sorry about that..)

-I will admit, PlayStation doesn't have Halo, You got me there, time to cancel my pre order to get the Xbox for Halo, sorry Uncharted, Killzone, Grand Turismo, The Last of Us, The Last Guardian, The Order 1886, DriveClub, Beyond Good and Evil, Deep Down, and many other unannounced titles.. I need Halo, and that is final... Come on people, really...

shadyiswin2271d ago

@maria...whos a dude?

Specs: PS4 (yes ps4 is powerful on paper and so was the ps3,we see how played out,also can't wait till microsoft reveals whats in there system once the gag order is removed on 9/29/13)

Multiplats:XBOX ONE (based off xbox live dedicated servers and "better with kinect" features)

Restrictions: Both (not sure how you had ps4 when the policies are the exact same....)(using n4g as a source lol)

F2P: Both (f2p is what it is f2p)

Price: PS4 (the ps4 is cheaper yes,but i see the xbox one as a better value so price isnt an issue for me,but ill leave the ps4 thee to be fair i suppose)

shadyiswin2271d ago

Exclusive Devs: Both (you can not use last gens developers as a reference for this gen,otherwise xbox having rare would destroy all,whos to say santa monica or naughty dog will deliver anything amazing? just like xboxs studio black tusk,they want us to be excited,i am waiting on games,at the end of the day microsoft will be pumping million into exclusive games,millions sony doesn't have.

TV: XBOX ONE (PS4 does not require your cable box) i love how you try to fix this up lol,the ps4 does not have live tv,what it will have (cause as of right now it has nothing) it has a deal to bring viacom networks to sonys platforms,viacom doesnt equate to live tv,it is mtv vh1 and other channels,on top of that microsoft just struck a deal with time warner to bring 300 LIVE CHANNLES to xbox live on top of having the HDMI pass-thur,get your facts straight.

Camera w/ Voice Recognition: XBOX ONE,yeah not both lol,the ps camera voice controls are an after though,it will not be useful at all,not sure why we kid ourselves. People love to give to kinect crap,my kinect works perfectly when i say pause and play,xbox on is the command ill use most,xbox on,xbox music,play playlist. Cant wait.

Preorders: PS4 (ps4 deff has this one,but keep in mind preorders dont mean anything,an early indication of sales,but we dont know allotments,we dont know how many shipments each will get in befoe xmas,a game like cod does 2 million preorders yet it sells 5 million in week one,pre orders mean nothing and the sources are never accurate,im sure walmarts,bestbuy and so on places preorders are not counted.

Polls: ??? (Polls on what? launch titles?controllers? online?)

Recording Time: ??? yes the ps4 can record for longer,also in 720p it goes from 15 mins to 7,and does the ps4 allow voice and video overlays? i would give this to xbox one but ill be fair and say we cant decide just yet

Friendlist: ??? the xbox friends list is infinite,you can follow people that are not friends,so there is no cap.

Countries Available: PS4

Headset Options: ??? ( Ps4 how so?)

shadyiswin2271d ago

Controller: XBOX ONE not sure why people have an issue with the battery pack being removable,just how i refuse to buy a phone a with a internal battery I'd much prefer to have the OPTION to change my battery. I forgot about the controllers themselves lol,every review i seen has said the same exact story,the ps4 is much improved(weird i thought the dual shock was perfect?lol) but the xbox one controller feels better,of course this all preference,but weird to see it be preferred something like 7:1

Indie Support: PS4? really? cause xbox live is where people go to publish,think of apple,xbox live is where the money is at,a community of over 50 million strong,if you think indies are going to avoid xbox live you are silly,but we already know your silly lol

Consistency: PS4?? those links mention nothing about consistency lol,i read one and the guy goes on to say "if the xbox was sold without the kinect,i'd still buy the version with kinect" some like dude lol,do you even read these links or do you hope when we see a link we will assume it's instant validation lol on top of that the xbox is a console made to be on for 10 years,sounds very consistent.

Previous Console Support: PS4 backwards support is just that backwards,ill have my xbox 360 for another year for xbox 360 games. let's see how the PSN handle streaming games,i predict a laggy mess

Number Of Launch Games: PS4..... 33 games for ps4 to xbox ones 23,about 20 of ps4 are no name indie games other than mindcraft which will be funny to watch as no one cares about minecraft on the ps4 but will sell millions on xbox one ....quality over quantity people.

in closing you are not even a good troll,or honest one,some topics you could of left out to make it appear less bias (camera,headset,tv,restriction s) i do preorders at my job and while its something like 2:1 for ps4 i find it weird that almost every xbox one pre order is with a game and controller,while the ps4 is just the console. The ps4 is cheaper so i'd figure people would spring for a game. To be fair we only allow preorders on killzone:sf,drive club and knack,cant blame anyone for not picking one,most ps4 ppl will be on cod,bf and fifa. Keep in mind preorders get cancelled and switched, the vital point will come when people can demo the consoles in the store,i predict a lot of people cancelling there ps4 preorders,that along with a marketing blitz from microsoft will make it much closer than N4G thinks.

Enemy2271d ago

^ Your posts are too long and seem invalid. Will not read.

corvusmd2271d ago

Alright Maria, you win, I thought for the longest time that everything you said was fact-less opinionated garbage, but since you posted the same lame opinionated crap've proven me wrong. This whole time I thought gaming was about actually enjoying games, but no, you've shown me the errors of my ways...I can't do what I find fun, it HAS to be according to what Sony and all her enslaved fanboys say. How dare me make up my own mind according to what makes me happy?!?!?!? What is this, a free society? No, we don't have time for this nonsense. Everyone must conform to Sony's standards, because they aren't gonna save themselves from bankruptcy, we have to make them a monopoly so that they can then impose whatever restrictions they when they were considering DRM (I actually don't think it's a horrible idea if done rightm but those three letters scare the hell out of sony fanboys).

Your opinion is 100% right and should be made into law. All the things that XB1 does well, should be instantly dismissed as gimmicky and not mattering....who cares about quality online gaming, smooth quick running operating systems, top selling exclusives, and innovation without losing proven methods....that should all be done away with....all hail sony!!! On paper the PS4 GPU is faster than the XB1 GPU...ignore all other console specs...this alone means that XB1 games look horrible and NES looks aren't about fun, they are about playing the ONE game that looks the best at any given moment and hating all others. I should cancel my GTA 5 preorder and sell Last of Us, cause once the PS4 games come out...those will instantly be garbage.

I really wish now I didn't sell my soul to MS, I could have bought a PS4 too if I decided to...don't worry, since I'm in their system now I'll put in a good word for you to make sure that you don't have to buy an XB1, run yourself....

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n4rc2271d ago

And there's more.. But that's enough...

Although I agree with the first part... There really is no sony news and Microsoft is releasing info... so naturally people are talking about it

And lota of changes have been made lately.. Its easy to announce a reversal, its another to make it happen.. Updated news is trickling out slowly

mcstorm2271d ago

@MariaHelFutura that is your opinion its not a fact. Some people will like the ps4 the most some the xbox one and some the Wiiu.

Most people who buy one of the 3 consoles will not give a crap which has more power or looks the best. They will buy it because it has the most games they want for it. So depending on what games your into depends which one is best for you.

If you go for power then I take it this is only your 2nd Sony home console as the psx and ps2 had less power than what the others offered.

You lot really need to give it a rest now its really getting old seeing the same fan boy comments on here about the pa4 having more power.

Loki862271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Maria your stealth troll act is getting old. Both consoles have their strengths and weaknesses. The amount of trolls on this site has just exploded and people getting 50-60 agrees for posting an unintelligible post just because it hates on the X1, so embarrassed to be part of this community because no one can maintain non-biased discussions or post their thoughts logically without taking a shot at the competition.

Also the kid who said dedicated servers on PS3, that is dev based not console based.

miyamoto2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

there is something special about ps4 but i cant put my finger on it...

it feels like its enclosed in Son Goku's Spirit Ball that anything negative thrown at it instantaneously vanishes in thin air....

ps4 is some kind of overwhelming pure positive energy that cannot be destroyed

ps4 is really something very very special

its on a whole new level of greatness or league

i will be following its history on how it will change everything inside and outside the industry from now on

i have a feeling it will be greater than the PSOne, PS2, PS3 or any game console ever created by man...

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nick3092271d ago

Every one prefers something else, sometimes both. I dont see the point arguing. You wont curse someone for liking pizza rather than meatballs.

MariaHelFutura2271d ago

Arguing/debating is what people do. Usually when people don't want to argue, they have no argument. So, if someone wants an Xbox One, great. But the doesn't change the FACTS, it's not as good as the PS4 at basically everything and it's less expensive. I'm confident enough to have that debate w/ anyone.

Qurupeco2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

@Maria You're obviously deluded lol. . .

Shane Kim2271d ago

He is not. The 360 have 2 exclusive franchises left. Halo and Gears. Everything else is playable on PC or PS3. The only reason someone should get a 360 over PS3 in it's early days was its pricetag.

But now with the xbox1 I can't understand why anyone would rather get that than PS4. Remember this gen, when 360 had lots of launch games? Then what? Nothing! Same thing will happen this gen, prnt screen this comment please.

Soldierone2271d ago

I would say that "talking more" means almost nothing, if anything its negative. One is most talked about around my friends too, why? Because they are all going "I can't believe they messed up!!!" lol

Queasy2271d ago

If you click through the link to read the article and/or watch the video of the conference, you'll see that is pretty much the case.

Godz Kastro2271d ago

Maria your so biased its ridiculous. No one takes you serious. Just the fact that you refuse to be a dual console owner makes your point invalid IMO. To think that only one console will have every aspect sown up and on its side is just being narrow minded.

What Ev... enjoy your PS4. Ill enjoy X1 first then PS4 when naughty and santan monica come to rescue their anemic lineup.

jimmywolf2271d ago

i try an be unbiased but i just did not like the direction Microsoft went this round. maybe next gen will have 2-3 heavy hitter consoles, with Nintendo finally stepping up.

ABeastNamedTariq2271d ago

Lol it needs no rescuing. Of course, that's my opinion. But you're acting like those are Sony's only two studios.

shadyiswin2271d ago

i agree,when sony actually releases must haves ill sign up,i got a ps3 for god of war,then i dont know lost intrest and never played it. The xbox one can be $100 more but the sheer fact that it has atleast 1 game i want at launch validates my purchase. I would not buy an xbox one for halo 5 cause its not hear yet,but you have many getting a ps4 for uncharted 4 and last of us 2 lol,kind of ridiculous.

theWB272271d ago

People who buy consoles off of popularity ain't really buying it for right reason. Being negativity towards something has never stopped me from making my own choice, I'm still good with the X1.

Bad PR. Ok. I think the DRM 180 is hurting them more than they're letting on. There was SOME truth to when Major Nelson said they can't just flip a switch. This is the result of flipping it anyway.

The system isn't broken, none of the "added later features" affect my place of's still a go come launch.

jimmywolf2271d ago

"People who buy consoles off of popularity ain't really buying it for right reason."

agree with the statement but people are praising PS4 an dismissing X box, for more then just fan boy reasons.

Microsoft has been doing a good job trying fix their mistakes but they proved all too willing, that wanted money first, gamer second.

too try an cover that up because you still want one is foolish. as consumers, we should be thought of first, not a afterthought of a product.

Godz Kastro2271d ago

Yeah because everything Sony is doing is to please you first and your money comes second. Stop sipping the kool aid already. These companies depend on you funds brother. Call me when sony starts giving to charity :/

theWB272271d ago

What did I try and cover up? I was purchasing a X1 even with the DRM. Nothing they announced then affected me.

Look, I let other people get into the sad stuff about being mistreated and not cared for. Gaming doesn't affect me on a personal's a leisure product...enjoyment. Just like movies. I'm not going to boycott Avengers 2 cause it looks like Tony Stark will be the creator of Ultron instead of Henry Pym.

Does the X1 play games...yes. It plays the games I want. Everything works where I live. Bad PR and bad for the industry blah crap...I really honestly don't care.

I don't have anything to cover up. I don't care about the extra stuff that gets people's a toy that doesn't affect my life if something goes I'll play where I want to. I can't get any clearer than that.

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