PAX Prime 2013: Talking Wonderful 101, Nintendo, and Viewtiful Joe with Designer Hideki Kamiya

Around the time when Nintendo’s latest home console, the Wii U, was revealed, a little game called Project P-100 was announced to be in production at Platinum Games, with its design being led by none other than designer Hideki Kamiya, known well in the game industry for works like Viewtiful Joe, Okami, and Devil May Cry.

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SpiralTear2268d ago

Man, I'd love another Viewtiful Joe game. It's very encouraging to know that Kamiya still loves that franchise and is willing to continue it someday.

N4g_null2268d ago

Viewtiful joe in smash bros! Im really liking the platinum 2nd party idea.
okami could have been the next zelda!