The Hidden Depths of Otaku Games

USgamer: "Are titles like the upcoming Senran Kagura Burst nothing but fanservicey pandering, or do they offer something more? Pete chats at length with Xseed and NIS America about the more misunderstood end of Japanese video game culture."

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Snookies122261d ago

A lot of them have those facepalm moments, but behind that stuff I've found some seriously great stories that have well written dialogue and character development. Best to give them a chance rather than cast aside a gem just because the surface is a little dirty... lol.

yellowgerbil2261d ago

Though I've enjoyed the gameplay mechanics and look of many Japanese rpgs I have never once found them to be well written or with original or engaging dialogue.
They all have very cliched characters and story elements, then with dialogue it is atrocious, at least the English adaptations are. One that really was terrible was Eternal Sonata, it tried to be deep and poetic and came off like a pretentious freshman with little grasp of the words he was using.

Snookies122261d ago

Oh, I'm not talking too much about RPGs, I'm talking about the more "otaku" focused games. Like visual novels and things like that.