Les Claypool (Primus, The Frog Brigade) joins Mushroom Men

The man who taught us all about Jerry who was a race car driver and Wynona's big brown beaver, who then later gave us classic theme songs for great shows like South Park and Robot Chicken, is now helping ensure that the Mushroom Men game is going to have at least one thing going for it, memorable music.

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Syko3840d ago

Well that does it. This game is an instant buy, everything else has been shaping up great and this has just put it over the top for me.

From The Press Release: “When Mushroom Men was first presented to me I was coincidentally on the perpetual late fall hunt for the elusive King Bolete mushrooms which dot the West Sonoma County landscape where myself and my family dwell,” said Les Claypool. “The yearly quest for these fabulous, fungal delicacies has become a bit of a seasonal obsession for myself and my two children over the past few years."

How can you not love this guy...