Classic JRPG Worlds Are Actually Donuts

Reaching the end of a world map in a classic JRPG game sends you to the opposite end of the map. This is how most world maps worked back in the 2D days, and this is why these worlds are actually donut-shaped (or more precisely, toroidal), as WolfieMario's GIFs of Chrono Trigger show.

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-Foxtrot2262d ago

I've always wondered when that happens if the map actually represents the ENTIRE world of the game or if it's just one region in the world and the whole going from one side of the map to the other is just a gameplay mechanic to make travel a little easier.

It would be nice if we ever get remakes or sequels to these classic games that they would expanded a little on them.

sdozzo2262d ago

Even HD versions would make money.

isarai2262d ago

It's called a Toroidal Plane and was made famous after it's use in the Astroids arcade game.

2262d ago
DA_SHREDDER2262d ago

I miss exploring the whole world like in Dragon Warrior 4, finding stuff like the Cascade Cave by using the stone of drought, which was totally optional, but you could get the metal babble sword after obtaining the stone at almost any point of the game once the map opened up when you get a boat. Man i miss games with that much quality in it.