There's Only One Really Good Reason To Buy Nvidia's Shield

Last month Nvidia unleashed the Shield portable gaming system, a $299 Tegra 4-powered combination dual-analog game pad and touchscreen Android tablet with the ability to stream gameplay directly from a gaming PC. One of those selling points is not like the others.

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ziggurcat2149d ago

is it to use it as a doorstop?

zeal0us2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

$299 doorstop you crazy? I can go get a log out of the woods for free.

This thing really nothing more than niche product. Streaming games from your pc sounds cool but honestly you will just use your PC. Especially if you prefer keyboard and mouse.

Only positive I really see about this thing is that its the cheapest Tegra 4 device currently available. With new consoles just around the corner I really don't sell sales increasing for it. It's going to suffer the same fate the Ouya will in the coming days.

UltimateMaster2149d ago

16Gb is way to low, especially considering you have to download every single game.

The best reason according to article: Stream your PC games.... given you have an NVIDIA GPU card in your PC.

Oh, so it's like the Vita, only without physical game support and 100$ more.
If that's the best reason, it may not be that worthwhile... I'll buy 1 when it's around 200$.

Oh, the Vita's at 200$ now, my bad. *Buys Vita*

s8anicslayer2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

And people still complain about the Vita...sheesh!

Stsonic2149d ago

Nvidia should stick to gpu

Ripsta7th2149d ago

To ... well nothing comes to mind atm

givemeshelter2149d ago

It needs more support for this to be successful.
It definitely has the power behind it as its the most powerful handheld out, but without the game support for the controls, its DOA

kneon2149d ago

While it is technically a handheld it's just too big and clunky to bring anywhere. So it's really just for use at home which limits it's appeal even if the games did improve.

nevin12149d ago

3DS has Mario while Vita has Uncharted,

What type of games we're looking at for Shield?

dcj05242149d ago

N64 emulators? Super mario 64 in hd ooooo. This could be a good emulator machine I suppose.

iNcRiMiNaTi2149d ago

Since it's an android device you'll probably see angry birds, fruit ninja, candy crush saga, minecraft PE, modern combat, etc. If you have a decent enough pc you can stream your pc games on it

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