First Ever Grand Theft Auto IV Review From OXM

The Official XBOX Magazine have been the first people to review Grand Theft Auto IV. Overall its a good review and they've also leaked a few pictures of the in-game HUD in action.

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Fishy Fingers4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

Xbox360 Verdict

~Amazingly realistic world
~Stunning action set pieces
~Genuinely engrossing storyline
~Vast in every respect
~Utterly stunning in every respect 10/10

Would you expect anything less from GTA? Good review and nice high quality scans which are easily read. Enjoy.

EDIT: Sorry why are people disagreeing with me? I'm simply trying to help. This site has a very childish demographic.

Buubar4775d ago

I didn't really expect anything less than 10 for this game, still its a nice review and the HUD looks nice.

thereapersson4775d ago (Edited 4774d ago )

Despite the fact that this entire review came from an XBOX 360 magazine. Yes, people are very childish on this website.

edit: nice disagrees, people. Thanks for proving my point! :-)

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actas1234774d ago

This magazine is allowed to review it first, its an xbox magazine reviewing the xbox version, someone needed to kill off those rumors that the xbox version is inferior ====== Did u really expect the magazine to give the game less than 10... seriously, this review should not be taken as serious.

Glad to be a gamer4774d ago

Looks like we have are first game of the year contender. Great for every gamer on here.

sonarus4774d ago

Well i didn't disagree but i get a little irritated when i see unnecessary 10's. I'm not a huge GTA fan myself i am a cross roads with which version to get and i really don't care enough for the franchise to bother myself so much about it. What irritates me though is in about a week or two you will start hearing about all the major faults in the game. Maybe a frame rate drop, muddy texture whatever but in a game like GTA such things are so easy to overlook because it is such an overhyped game, however in a game without the hype such things are blown out of proportion. The video game industry reviews are getting less proffesional in my opinion. Its almost as if reviewers are scared to review a game with such caliber less than a 10. Even if you enjoyed the game like no other game this yr you have to be a lot stricter when giving out that 10 because 10 means the game is perfect and we all know it won't be. Every hyped game has been packing 10's like no tomorrow. smash bros, halo, GTA4 e.t.c. Reviewers need to be more stingy with their 10's

thewhoopimen4774d ago

Jack Meahoffer ... I agreed with your statement up until you threw this piece of trash remark in your statement

"I hate GTA so I'm going to troll forums and post it so everyone can see how much of a mongoloid I am..."

Truckasaurus wasn't nearly as offensive you were in that posting. I'm taking your bubbles.

And yes i am a mongoloid as you so racistly put it.

wageslave4774d ago

"someone needed to kill off those rumors that the xbox version is inferior "

Uhm, no. We've been told that the colour are better on Xbox 360. And, knowing that you'll only get the whole GTAIV experience on Xbox 360 with the Exclusive Expansions, there isnt much debate. The Xbox 360 is superior.

Oh, and becuase LIVE makes PSN look like CompuServe, there really isnt any debate about this fact.

GiantEnemyCrab4774d ago

Just to let you know that OXM's review scale goes to 11. So 10 isn't perfect to them.

marinelife94774d ago

I don't understand how it got 10/10 when the graphics are more like an 8/10. 10/10 denotes perfection.

sleepbox4774d ago

@Marinelife - well then, name a game that deserves a perfect 10 then.

@OP - dude, this site is so tragically off that all of these kids would disagree with you simply stating what was in the review.

They are just sore because the 360 version's DLC is 10 hours of more gameplay.

poopface14774d ago

The game deserves a 10 simply because of the content. If no major problems are there the game is amongst the best games. There arnt many games taht use the ps3/360 potential beyond grafix, this game does, and based on past gta games im gonna say it is a great experience. Ahh ya, and now it has multiplayer. Do you people think that this game wont be a 10 when you look at the other top rated games. on a % scale it probaly wont get a 100% but mabe.

thewhoopimen4772d ago

I don't know why i got disagrees for my statement. Maybe its because some of you guys didn't follow your history lessons in school but a Mongoloid is a racial reference to those of Asian descent. It also has the derogatory definition of referring to someone who has low intelligence. Guess where this slur originally came from? Wanna know what the term is in reference to African descendants? Negroids... Get it? Nigger? Mongoloid?

Hope you guys grew some brain cells.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

Looks like we have our first GOTY candidate of 08. Can't wait to get my hands on the multiplayer.

MK_Red4775d ago

Agreed. 2008 is such a crazy year that even though we're still in the first half, we have such a huge candidate for GOTY. The very first and a really huge contender for all awards. In the coming months, we'll be getting MGS4 and NG2 and all of this is for this half of year.

Fallout 3 and Little Big Planet will dominate the other half. I think the final battle for GOTY will be between GTA4 and Fallout 3.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4774d ago

I use a 300gb hard drive for prtable media with my 360, and I have the latest screens of Fallout 3 as my desktop wallpaper. Everytime they release a new screen, my eyes just melt like butter on the sun. I'm a MP gamer at heart, but I been playing these kinds of action RPG's since way back with Dues Ex and System shock.

With games like MGS4, Fallout 3, Ninja Gaiden 2, Alan Wake, Too Human and a number of sleeper hits that can come out of nowhere... 08 look like another good gaming year.

MK_Red4774d ago

I'm single player gamer but I'm glad to hear we all love Deus Ex, System Shock and such. Fallout 3 will rule!

Alan Wake would also be a serious contender if it makes it to 2008 though I think it will end up in 2009 fighting Brutal Legend, Deus Ex 3 and FFXIII.
Let's not forget about Alone In The Dark, Spore and my 2nd fave, Fable 2. Fallout 3 and Fable 2... Classic RPG awesomeness.

HighDefinition4774d ago

will be.....

-Little Big Planet
-Resistance 2

nix4774d ago

dont forget MGS4 and Killzone2

tatotiburon4774d ago

GOTY: Gears of War 2 once again

thereapersson4774d ago

Wrong. Gears of War was a GOTY contender back in a year when there were no other GOTY contenders available. There are way too many high-profile games coming out this year to narrow it down to a Gears of War sequel winning Game of the Year award (that is, unless you are 1Up or some other irrelevant publication)

MK_Red4774d ago

I don't think either of Killzone 2 or Gears of War 2 have any chance. Both of them are popular because of their graphics and as thereapersson said, original Gears won GOTYs simply because it was a really light year and there were no other heavy hitters. Only likes of 1UP may go for that again.

Resistance 2 has a strong chance but I don't think it will end up among GOTY noms, specialy in a year like this. Final top 5 GOTY nominees will probably be (IMO):
Fallout 3 - GTA 4 - MGS4 - LittleBigPlanet - StarCraft 2 (Let's not forget that it's a Blizzard game and their games are always exceptioanlly well made and awesome)

wageslave4774d ago (Edited 4774d ago )


I'm far more excited for APB w/r/t multi-player.

GotY contenders: Gears of War 2, Fable 2, Halo Wars, Alan Wake, MGS4, and Fallout 3.

MK_Red4774d ago

I did mention Brawl in my other reply to post #3 but I think it's more like DMC4, BP and such: A good game but not a huge GOTY contender, specially considering how fast it's hype died. Plus, the more time passes, the more a game's faults become appearant and Brawl is already showing signs of repetitiveness and all the recycled stuff from previous game. A game has to offer much more if it wants to compete against GTA4, Fallout 3 and others (MGS4 and StarCraft 2).

TheExecutive4774d ago

lol Halo Wars, an RTS, as a possible GOTY contender?

There is NO way either that or Fable 2 wins Game of the Year.

I think the others are viable but you are definitely going to have to add LittleBigPlanet on to that. I can guarantee that the gaming press is going to LOVE this game. Maybe KZ2 if it lives up to the hype but still dunno about that game.

Resistance 2 needs to be added.

Here is my list in no particular order:

Gears2, MGS4, GTA4, LBP, SSBB

Runner-ups: KZ2, Fallout 3, Alan Wake

ItsDubC4774d ago

I have an issue w/ ppl claiming certain games are GOTY contenders even if they haven't been released yet. It's as if gameplay (which can only accurately be assessed by actually playing) has lost its importance.


MK_Red4774d ago (Edited 4774d ago )

ItsDubC, these are potential GOTY choices and it's indeed possible that any of them could fail to live up to it's promise but look at last year:

Way before either of these games came out, they were considered GOTY noms:
BioShock, GTA4, Call of Duty 4, Orange Box, SMG,
GTA4 got delayed but the rest of them ended up GOTY noms.

We are talking about possible choices for GOTY not the definitives.
Gameplay wise, the only game that we have played that as a chance is Brawl but compared to last year's, it fails miserably and this year there are games that have much bigger potential than last year's.

TheExecutive, let's not forget about StarCraft 2. The first full Blizzard game in years.

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heyheyhey4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

first game ever to get 100 on Metacritic?????

doubtful, some idiot will give it a bad score- but it definitley has the potential to match Ocarina of Time's 99


heh, so you think they'll be trying to protect OOT's status so dearly they wont let any game get close?

perhaps, but there aren't many of those left- the Nintendo sites and mags CANT review GTA4 and the ones that can are mostly unbiased or biased towards either the Playstation or Xbox brand- which wont affect the score seeing as GTA4 is multi-platform

MK_Red4775d ago (Edited 4774d ago )

As much as I like to see this masterpiece get highest scores, it won't get higher than Nintendo games simply because a lot of critics are Nintendo fanboys and never allow a non-Nintendo game get that high no matter how great or awesome it is. Just look at Orange Box and BioShock and how so many reviewers tried to stop them from getting higher scores than Mario Galaxy even though they both were better and worthier titles.

EDIT, I see. Still, I still think some of those reviewers will give GTA4 9s to just like they gave BioShock and OB.

solar4774d ago

SMG. how many great scores did that game get? it was so hyped to be so great and to me it was an 8 at best. im hoping this and MGS4 dont get great scores because of its namebrand and only for what the game is worth.

gall0t6714774d ago

yeah honestly bioshock should have got straight 10s from everyone. every aspect of the game was great especially the story and art design (of course, everyone knows this). the way it incorporated puzzles, etc. that was a game i looked at before it came out like "wtf is this shiz. little girls? no bada$$ guns? what the heck? excited for this? " then my brother bought it. i tried it out. then i bought it. end of story.

but looking towards 2008, come 4/29 so it begins...
gta4, mgs4, ninja gaiden 2, gears 2, resistance 2, fable 2, too human, fallout 3, little big planet, socom, cod5(hopefully follows cod4's footsteps), etc...

owning both ps3 and 360 is a gift yet a curse.
its gonna be eat or buy a game...haha
dang guys. we've been gifted as gamers. 2007 was great, 2008 looks to be better as the ps3 is emerging. the looking at whats already coming out in 2009(re:5....oh yeah) and the possible like mass effect 2, assasins creed 2, bioshock 2, etc.

gamers we are getting spoiled. and not even to mention, when is graw 3 coming?????????????????????

MK_Red4774d ago

solar, SMG indeed got all those 10 mostly because of the hype and the fact that it was a Nintendo game.

I also hope that GTA4 and MGS4 don't end up with 10s just because of that and if they get 10s, it's because they are really that good and right now, we can't judge since we haven't played neither.

gall0t671, 2008 is indeed looking better but I don't think 2009 or any othe year will be this great. I mean, in the first half we have SSBB, GTA4, Burnout Paradise and MGS4. GTA4 is a super special game and so is MGS4. Fallout 3, StarCraft 2 and LPB are super special games of next half. No other year had so many REALLY big games. Super specials.

And then there are other specials like NG2, KZ2, Fable 2, Resistance 2 and such.

wageslave4774d ago (Edited 4774d ago )

MK_red and solar;

I concur w/r/t SMG. By nephews got a Wii for Xmass, so I thought "Oh, ill get them SMG, its supposed to be the best game of the year, and the best title on Wii".

I couldnt believe it. It was just more of the same. I felt like I was playing a N64 game, totally unoriginal.

And, to top it off, the two kids (boy of 8 and girl of 11) didnt like it at all, they just wanted to play Wii Sports.

They have a PS2 already, they play videogames, so its not like they didnt understand.

This year we're getting them an Xbox 360.

solar4774d ago

@ wage

we might not agree all the time...but im glad you agree with me on SMG. seeing 10's and 9.5's and reading all the great pro's and hardly any cons got me all hyped up for the game. never lived up to the hype with me.

MK_Red4774d ago

Although I consider SMG to be overrated, I don't think it was disappointing. I really liked the whole galaxy thing and the parts that were taken from Psychonauts and R&C (Even though the devs denied it, the inspirations were obvious).

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The Closing4775d ago

Nothing is perfect, and it's certainly not going to be this game.

thereapersson4775d ago

While this game will not be perfect, it will certainly be the closest that many gamers are going to see for at least a few months if not a little longer.

Merritt4775d ago

While I tend to agree with nothing being perfect. It's presumptuous to say that about a game that you've never played. From the sounds of this review and all the previews, this game quite possibly could be.

thereapersson4775d ago

It is impossible for any game (or movie, etc) to be perfect. If perfection was achieved, there would be nobody with anything to complain about, anywhere. And you know (just like any game), there is always something that someone dislikes about a particular title. That's just how things work.

murfo4774d ago

don't let Mr. Perfect hear you saying that!

Hagaf224774d ago

i agree there is no 'perfect' game, but you will see many more reviews like this, but you can rest assured that 3 weeks after release, at the latest, flaws will appear, they always do. but it will be a good game.

meepmoopmeep4774d ago (Edited 4774d ago )

any reviewer that gives ANY game a perfect score loses all credibility. period.
nothing is perfect. it can be close though.

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thereapersson4775d ago

I'll be picking up a new DS3 to play this with. Only a couple weeks left to go!

Milky4774d ago

why the hell have people disagreed with you ? Oh I know why, because you mentioned a dualshock 3.