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GI - "When Ninja Theory announced it would be taking the reins of the Devil May Cry series and it unveiled its new dark-haired Dante, the Internet collectively grabbed their keyboard-shaped pitch forks and started stabbing them into the air. I, on the other hand, got incredibly excited."

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-Foxtrot1961d ago Ninja Theory

Your joking right, the guys who single handily ruined the dmc franchise.

zeal0us1961d ago

The DMC franchise got ruin when DMC2 came out tbh. I do believe if Tameem had treated the fanbase better than the game might have sold more.

I remember calling the fanbase just a "noisy minority" and say he didn't care if the game sold 2,000 units or 2million.

NT should've just made Heavenly Sword 2 but oh well.

tanookisuit1961d ago

I don't know about Heavenly Sword 2... Didn't awhile back Tameem say it was Sony's "fault" for the poor sales of HS1, and refused to work with them again? :/

Fireseed1961d ago

Not only that but the game was abysmal, who honestly wants a sequel?

Elda1961d ago

Maybe NT will check their egos in the future when it comes to developing games,they're not bad developers at all.

hulk_bash19871961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Ninja theory are a bunch of [email protected] Especially That Tameem guy, what a self righteous D-bag.

sypher1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

For a 'launch' title HS1 didn't exactly get bad sales. In fact it is the best selling Ninja Theory game ever. Even with 360/PS3 sales combined for their other games.

They just expected more than the estimated 1.6 million copies sold for Heavenly Sword. But that was instead their apex.

As for Ninja Theory's skill. They are excellent game makers, their marketing not so much. They have just never had that massive commercial success they strive for yet. I'm sure if they continue it will come one day.

And I for one hope they continue to give us great gaming experiences.

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pr0t0typeknuckles1961d ago

I could never salute ninja theory ive played all their games and heavenly sword is tge only good one,yet they act like they are making some of the best games ever.

Williamson1961d ago

Heavenly sword was probably the most impressive game they made and it sold the best out of all the games they made. Enslaved was pretty good, but I never finished

Elda1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

People may have their personal negative opinions about NT but they did a great job with HS wish it could have been a sequel but I guess their egos prohibited that from happening,I personally enjoyed DmC loved the design & gameplay.Far as game designers & developers they're not at all bad when it comes to their craft.

Bolts1961d ago

Sony should bring back Heavenly Sword for the PS4.

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