Microsoft sees consequences of capitalism

As two entertainment giants battle for better positioning, the gaming world waits in anticipation for the next generation of home gaming consoles.

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Kingthrash3603443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

they haven't seen it all yet....but it will sink in soon enough....alot of gamers wont support a company who shows no love for paying customers and continuously lies in customers face...with a smerk....saying stuff like "deal with it" and testing gamers intelligence by saying the power of the cloud will make your system 10x more powerful or the kinect2 will revolutionize gameing or a weaker system is worth $500 somehow $100 more than a more powerful system..smh...I truly can go on but why....
Maria show them the specs list pls.

zeal0us3443d ago

I believe Microsoft have seen the consequences of their ignorance. What they need to improve on is sending a clear message to its consumers. Honestly we shouldn't have to wait a week later to here "You only can get a free copy of FIFA14 with Xbox Day One editions."

These guys have do more damage to itself than the competition has and the system hasn't even been release yet.

Kingthrash3603443d ago

thats what I mean, they continue to damage themselves with no indication of slowing down.....they lied about alot of stuff to the public and who know their might be more to come to light....I really hope not but they're fumbling this generation before it starts.

Soldierone3443d ago

The whole purpose of that announcement was to get interest though. They have done that a lot lately if you watch. They will say "check out this cool thing!" leave very little details, have people talk about it for a while, then go "oh btw its restricted and not as cool as we made it seem!" But the follow up message is never as widespread and takes longer to get noticed.

Its advertising, sadly its just adding more fuel to the fire so time for a new approach.

AngelicIceDiamond3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

@Zelous "Honestly we shouldn't have to wait a week later to here "You only can get a free copy of FIFA14 with Xbox Day One editions."

You don't announce every single thing all in 1 or 2 night. They wanted to be a Gamescon, to the European public to announce what they're doing with Fifa.

Not just a casual tweet on a random day.

FamilyGuy3443d ago

They screwed up big time, I had a dude tell me today that he wasn't getting an X1 because he couldn't play a loaned or used game on it...

They reversed things and didn't make a big public announcement so some people are still thinking its E3 faults are there. They had the opportunity to clear things publicly at another big gaming event and that didn't bother mentioning it there at all. They expect the gaming press to do all the work for them.

They really do need help, I'll be enjoying my PS4 so it doesn't really matter to me either way. It's just odd to see such a giant fumble so bad.

zeal0us3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

I wasn't talking about the fact that MS now just announcing free copy of FIFA14 with the X1. I was referring to the fact that originally MS said every X1 purchase would get a free copy of FIFA14. Now just recently MS said the free copy of FIFA14 is only available with purchase of X1 Day1 edition.

Ever since E3 it seems Microsoft can't send a clear message. The reps are saying one thing while officials like Phil Harrison, Major Nelson and etc are saying another. Its pretty sad when a billion dollar corporation can't even get their stuff together.

AngelicIceDiamond3443d ago

@Zealous That's true. They're PR is still very confusing and unclear.

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sincitysir13443d ago

It took way too much for Microsoft to change and I'm glad they learned that customers can make or break then. Even if there are people out there that eat every jelly bean leading to their house made of candy ;)

CommonSense3443d ago

Wow, this sony troll is everywhere today.

Hicken3443d ago

And here I'd thought we were rid of you.

Nope, you live to troll another day, yourself.

FlunkinMonkey3443d ago

Easily one of the most boring people on this site, constantly sounding like your period is dripping all over your G-string.

Care to just shut up, and if you find everyone so 'deplorable', then quietly go and talk yourself to sleep in a corner somewhere.

Constantly talking of Sony trolls, yet you hate on everything Sony.. You are a BORE... YAWN.

Common sense? Pfft.. More like Dense.

showtimefolks3443d ago

MS's already seeing the consequences, xbox360/xbox brand ruled the US market. Now it won't be the Case. How do you have such a huge mess up when you are a multi billion dollar corporation?

xbox one announcement event all casual entertainment stuff

E3 with such a great lineup of games, no explanation of how the announced features would work, games that were shown weren't even using AMD/or so called xbox one specs

announced the absolute wrong price, how do you have a less powerful system than your competition yet charge $100 more?

how come MS has to announce a feature than get a lot of heat from gaming community only to say oops, we didn't mean it like that

A lot of Damage has been done, xbox one will sell well no doubt but i believe MS has done enough to loose this gen. Its truly sad that so much wrong took place before system even launched

now we are hearing the system isn't even ready, how come a company this big not plan ahead of time?

as someone who bought xbox360/ps3 at launch, i see no reason to buy a xbox one. The one xbox one game i want is titanfall and i will get it on PC.

Phil Spencer has already said that they may make changes down the road and that's just not right

everything that's good is behind a paid wall

MS showed very little support for xbox360 for last 3 plus years, so i fear in few years we may see MS totally focus on everything but gamers

for a brand as successful as xbox360, its just sad how one company can go from being so popular to now being hated a lot

MS/EA this gen a match made in Hell

xbox360 pretty much helped establish indie games on console so how come sony was so forthcoming when MS was quite?

whoever was running the overall MS brand should be fired and they need to hire some people who connect better with their consumers

Fifa14 free to pre orders day one edition, it took them 7 days to actually explain who will get the free game

showtimefolks3443d ago

If it wasn't for sony, i believe MS would have done whatever they wanted with no consequences

Sony had to lead the way for MS to follow

no hdmi announced but since ps4 came with one, let's also say we will include one even though we said before it won't come with xbox one

same for headsets

I am really hopeful that MS starts out very slow, not because i hate them or anything. But i want them to compete with sony and even beat them by delivering excellent games only available on xbox one

it was a sad sight when some gamers were defending MS's policies and saying xbox one is truly next gen because it had all those policies like DRM

now i see some xbox fans saying cloud gaming this and cloud gaming that without knowing how it will work or affect games

whether you like sony or not atleast they have been upfront about what is coming at launch and what isn't

and some of ps4's cool features can be used without needing psn-plus something MS put behind paid walls

devwan3443d ago

@showtimefolks "i believe MS would have done whatever they wanted with no consequences"

Imagine if they'd had a year head start this time around - how much of that backlash they faced would have been possible without Sony showing a different path?

Goku7813443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

I said I said it before, I'll say it again, why trust the company that brought us the Red Ring of Death Saga?

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yellowgerbil3443d ago

I see consequences of no foresight.

Jeff2573443d ago

Ryse unfortunately is a casualty of their lack of foresight. If they had been smart about it they would have been developing it for XBOX One from day one. Instead when it was first announced they were heavy into pushing Kinect so it was announced as a Kinect game. Then they had Crytek switch it up to a controller/kinect hybrid and didn't show off any of it. Now all of a sudden it is shown this year and is supposed to be a launch title for XBOX One. Instead a lot of people are not impressed by what they are seeing. That is because Microsoft didn't look far enough ahead and I suspect is forcing Crytek to port it from the 360 to XBOX One just to give their new system one more launch game. Even if they hadn't started it as an XBOX One title it probably would have been better off leaving it on the 360 and allowing it to be the last great 360 title. Instead what it will probably end up being is a lackluster launch game that will quickly be forgotten within a year or two.

WeAreLegion3443d ago

Agreed. Shame, too. It's such a gorgeous game, but I don't expect it to have a lot of staying power. :/

sincitysir13443d ago

Dollar signs can be blinding. That's all they were looking at and I'm glad they tripped. The industry learned a valuable lesson

Deividas3443d ago

The thing that gets me is that all of this could have been avoided. I mean its not hard to please a gamer, it really isnt. You support them, they support you, very simple. You dont need pre order numbers or a room full of financial advisors to tell you that what MS was trying to pull off is wrong and wont work...all they had to do was ask their consumer base and they would have found out a long time ago. Any person on the street could have told you their business model was not going to work. But glad they are turning everything around so that xbox one owners wont be getting screwed

SpiralTear3443d ago

The fact that they pushed those policies was bad enough, but the fact that they reversed those policies after they told everyone that it was impossible to do was just salt in the wound.

Now everyone's in a semi-paranoid state where the chance of eventually returning to those policies is floating around the air. A switch could always be flipped, sending us into a future we're not ready for.

Microsoft tried to fool us all once before, so they'll need to do a LOT of work to repair that public image back to its full strength.

Soldierone3443d ago

Honestly don't see it as a "chance" it WILL come back. They got rid of it with a patch, whats stopping them from un-patching it? That and all this talk about cloud, its only a matter of time before Xbox One NEEDS the cloud to function.

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