Mafia 2 vs. GTA 4 graphics comparison, part 2

German gaming site PC Games is back with four new screens to compare again the graphics of Mafia 2 with Grand Theft Auto 4.

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Fishy Fingers3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

For me, Mafia 2 has the better visuals. But personally I think comparing games that arent even released is rather ridiculous. I'm more of a gameplay kind of guy.

BeaArthur3842d ago

Besides who cares, if you are fan of the genre you will most likely be playing both of them anyways.

St03842d ago

Yea Mafia 2 has the better visuals, but GTA4 will have a lot more going on in the city, lots of peds and traffic on the screen

gall0t6713842d ago

as long as the graphics are on par with whats going on with next gen
then gtaIV will no doubtly rule mafia. cause gta already knows how to go all out. but lets hope mafia 2 is better than gtaIV. cause who wouldnt want two completely bada$$ games?

leon763841d ago

I say the exact same thing about you - dumb(@ss)!!!!

j4gs143842d ago

but as mr fishy fingers said you cant reli compare two games which have yet to come out. so wait and see. i put my bets that both games will do good sale wise but gta has the bigger fan base. simple as. gta is gna rake it in!

gonzopia3842d ago

Graphically, Mafia 2 holds the edge. I also like the style of that era, it works well for this type of game. May not be quite as sweeping and fully realized a game as GTAIV though. We'll have to wait and see.

Vip3r3842d ago

They both look great and I'll be getting both on release day.

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The story is too old to be commented.