Renegade Kid Proposes to Create 3DS Version of Mighty No. 9

Hardcore Gamer: When a Kickstarter brings in nearly a million dollars in 48 hours, the industry takes notice. Renegade Kid Co-Founder and Director, Jools Watsham, has publicly reached out to the Mighty No. 9 team, offering to bring the Mega Man spiritual successor to the Nintendo 3DS

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lizard812881924d ago

The news of this game, just keeps getting better!

maniac761924d ago

So cool. But something weird about the whole rebranding or remake or wotever.lets do this to vania and metroid

EXVirtual1924d ago

You know what? I'd buy the PS4 and 3DS versions both, just because! The music already reminds me of busting virus ass in MM BN. I really hope they can get to the last stretch goal! So we might get PS4/Vita version as well as a 3DS one. Look at this:

Misaka_x_Touma1924d ago

yes yes yes Renegade Kid are AWESOME!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.