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The game Kick Beat offers one such experience. This game is a rhythm game, but it’s also an action game. Zen Studios melds these two genres into a fun pick up and play game that is worth experiencing if you enjoy music or storylines of Chinese-style monks.

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AceBlazer131899d ago

Game looks fun.worth a buy.

Dir_en_grey1899d ago

Was wondering if song creation mode auto generates the notes by just importing a song, or do users have to go in and places the notes/attacks/enemies themselves.

If users have to generate the game play for imported songs, I also want to know how well is the user generated data sharing implemented (ie. a server list of user generated notes)

SoundGamer1898d ago

It's automatic, although you may have to set the BPM.

Dir_en_grey1898d ago

Great, thanks for the info!
Will definitely pick this up

r211898d ago

It is automatic after you set the rhythm. Heres a video explaining a bit: