SCEE waiting on news of gunmetal PS3 for Europe

SCEE has told videogaming247 this morning that it's waiting for official word on whether or not Europe will receive the gunmetal special edition PS3 for the launch of Metal Gear Solid 4.

"I've asked if we're getting this but have yet to have an answer confirmed," said a rep.

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MURKERR3841d ago

i agree,i like the big ps3 just as i like the original ps2 the slims were good but im a original kinda guy

bennyboilu53841d ago

if i did come out in eu i would have to bye it but i dont have the money ill have to sellf my 60 gb ps3 and then save up for relese date.

LaChance3841d ago

The ps3 looks awkward enough to forget abbout this version

To all those who think Im trolling : Ive always said the 360 had a boring design but the ps3 just looks bizzar.

heyheyhey3841d ago

IMO its a sexy machine- just WAAAY too big

the slim PS3 (whenever it comes) will be absolutely gorgeous

the reason this steel PS3 is cool is because it goes well with MGS4 and its actually made out of gun metal

as for what colour- id say the piano black is sexier

btw i know your not trolling- you always give your honest opinion and i respect that

gEnKiE3841d ago

You wouldn't be saying that if you had one im sure.....

crunchie1013841d ago


i always imagine a PS3 slim looking like a black shiny Mac Mini. Now that would be gorgeous

Bathyj3841d ago

You're the last person that should pointing the ugly stick.

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dude_uk3841d ago

the PS3 is one sexy machine
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hey guys i know its off topic but could you guys look at my blog post please

LaChance3841d ago

I'll go checkout your blog anyway.

Kaz Hirai3841d ago

Only Krazy King Kaz knows for sure!


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