Wii Fit dated for South Africa

Wii Fit, the latest innovative game for the Wii, looks set to revolutionise the gaming community. Core Group today confirmed with El33tonline that Wii Fit will be flexing its muscles across South Africa on the 5th of May.

Wii Fit is currently only available in Japan, and despite the game hitting shelves on the 1st of December in the land of the rising sun it is still keeping up the pace against its competitors. Wii Fit sold a massive 261 226 copies in its first week on sale in Japan and has regularly topped the Japanese software charts since then. It still makes a regular appearance in the Top 10 software titles in Japan and this past week (for the period 31/3 – 6/4) it earned seventh place with 39 000 copies sold. What is also interesting to note is that Wii Fit's life-to-date sales in Japan currently stand at 1.834 million copies and that the title took just seven weeks to reach one million sales in Japan.

Wii Fit will race onto European shelves on the 25th of April and will arrive on North American shores on the 19th of May. Kudos to Core for bringing it here hot on the heels of the European launch and before the US!

Core Group has yet to confirm the price of Wii Fit so stay tuned. The game is priced at £69.99 in the UK and 89.99 Euros across Europe.

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Marceles3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

lol...I think that's the highest I've seen something get approved over 10/10

I'm surprised it's coming to North America before anything else, but I can wait.