Edge review: Mario Kart Wii

Having sacrificed racing integrity in Double Dash to side with social silliness, Nintendo has turned 180 degrees into an awkward halfway house.

There are few gaming locations as lonely as first place in Mario Kart Wii. Pitched as a chance to spend a day at the races with your favourite Nintendo mascots, at the front of the pack you find you've left the gang behind, aside from the occasional blue shell flung by the cruel AI. Where the grand adventures that spawned the cast pride themselves on discovery, storming ahead here is rewarded with nothing more than eerie stretches of tarmac, made all the emptier by their bloating to accommodate the 12-kart starting grid.

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wiizy3929d ago

edge has no idea what they are talking about on this one.. i just got the game and its great. the best mario kart yet.

Supa3929d ago

You're right, I rated this game with a 9 out of 10 fun factor.

I really don't understand why these Edge people still even play games, they clearly hate most of the funnest games, it's getting ridiculous.

superman3929d ago

They gave Halo 3 a 10/10

Brian52473929d ago

I think alot of people are going to pass up on this one because they're still enamored with Super Smash Bros (Like me), but it will still sell well in the long run.

bewarned3929d ago

I wasn't really that excited about this game, cos Double Dash was pants, but having played this game it truly is the best version yet, have the old track is an awesome edition. Edge reviewers are just morons, truly stupid losers

bootsielon3929d ago

10 to Halo and 6 to this? I'd give them the same score = 8. Edge are sellouts.

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