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A Potpourri of Gameplay Tropes

2K Games breathed fresh life into the XCOM franchise by releasing a surprise hit in XCOM: Enemy Unknown for consoles back in 2012. This successful experiment paved the way for the long in development The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, which takes the franchise’s tried and true formula of turn-based strategic gameplay, and flips it on its head with the implementation of a more traditional third person shooter presentation.

The Bureau oozes XCOM lore, but its use of Gears of War meets KOTOR meets Mass Effect meets XCOM gameplay formula bothered many long time fans of the classic PC franchise. While The Bureau doesn’t manage to offer the same type of tense gameplay found in previous XCOM branded titles, it still provides a solid back story for the series, and nearly 15 hours of sometimes tedious, yet enjoyable gameplay.

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