Gameplay of Resistance: Fall of Man

Resistance, as beautiful as ever. I also want to add that hands-on, it's excellent. I'm not surprised Sony endorsed it as launch killer-app.

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kingboy4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

lol! i was there yesterday.can`t wait to go back and play those games monday hahah!

videl4468d ago

hot !!! nice leveldesing.

NextGen24Gamer4468d ago

That doesn't look good to me at all. I only saw 1 to 3 enemies on screen at once. I saw no distructable enviorments. I saw no intelligent enemies....The lighging was bad, the textures are bad....The gameplay doesn't look innovative at all. I'm very dissappointed. I love FPS's...and this is one game I was looking to be decent. It looks absolutely nothing like the screen shots from a few months ago with NO HUD or gun in hand. Now, that they are showing actual screen shots and gameplay video...I'm very very dissappointed. Its not even close to the same level of detail or AI that I have seen in Gears of War. Anyone download that new video of Gears of War on xbox live recently? It blew me away. WOW.

kmis874468d ago

And you can tell all this from a grainy, low resolution, offscreen video that was probably taken by someone's cell phone camera?

If you go to IGN you can see videos where the player and his allies go up against a ton of enemies in the streets at once. The environments are huge, and the particle effects are insane. Stop being such a flamer.

ASTAROTH4468d ago

you are. NO Topgaymer?? Dude, fanatics: stop comparing Resistance to Gears of War. They are different games. As for your judgement on the graphics...LOL!! Its to early to make that call GAMER. Wait until at least the kiosks are ready and you could see them on an HD TV set. I understand you, cause I have the same opinion of 360 game videos at first. After playibg the games on an HDTV set, my opinions changed. So STOP being the one who start the FLAME TOP GAYMER!!!!

Antan4468d ago

LOL!! ah yes, is this Topgamer, bashing anything PS3 AGAIN!!! sheesh. Topgamer, Mart .....whoose next??? You opinions are totally worthless as you quite clearly support one manufacturer, and don`t deny it. Once a fanbouy always a fanboy!!

Karibu4468d ago

thats spam topgamer, in every Recistance news you bash it. We got it, we get i, good?
No one wants to read same BS from you every time.

Retard4467d ago

FFS, The enviroment looks amazing. My PC can't pump up what that game handles yet buddy. I'm sorry you're watching a crappy low res movie that doesn't exactly complement this game. Wanna see a crappy game? Look @ Too Human and Mass Effect... I heard so much hype about them, then I fell on my face (Check the ones at IGN)

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2tired2day2hate4468d ago

didnt look bad. the only thing that would dissapoint me if i bought the game is that the ai just stands there and the aliens look stupid. other than that i liked it. comparing this to gow and halo is unfair. no one is outdoing those games anytime soon.

i need to see more videos of this game but i hope the enemies are a little more physical and not as immobile like some of the enemies on farcry. but like i said this did seem to get the job done and i doubt the people who buy this game will regret it.

NextGen24Gamer4468d ago

Was suppose to make the enemies intelligent? Number 4 is right. The enemies just stood there and looked right past you as you shoot them a million times to kill them. Wierd. I saw no physics...I saw no deep colors or texute. At IGN the screen shots were supsect due to the lack of a HUD. No life ammo shown...but these show it all. And boy oh boy does it look horrid to me. I'm not flaming. I'm just very dissappointed. This is not worth the price of admission. Over half a grand. NOOOOOO...And the sad part is the game is done. It should be gold now and pressing up as we speak. Not good folks. Sony only fans won't mind if the ps2 is all they have played. But my expectations are high due to the fact that I have been playing next gen games for almost a year now. WOW.

Antan4468d ago

Its all you ever do!!!! get over it, if your not interested in a game, don`t post about it, if you do post, post something constructive. looking at your past posts, its clearly something you don`t know how too do.

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