Mixed messages over free FIFA 14 on Xbox One

Pre-orders for the standard version of the Xbox One [in Europe] won't come with a free game.

Microsoft has clarified that a free copy of FIFA 14 will only come with pre-orders for the special Day One Edition of the Xbox One console.

The new claim comes two weeks after a Microsoft executive claimed that "all pre-orders for Xbox One this holiday will include a copy of FIFA 14 at no extra cost". That quote, by corporate VP Phil Harrison, suggested that the offer was not limited to the special edition of the system.

Xbox communications executive Larry Hyrb tweeted news of the promotion with an attached image of the Xbox One - but this was not a Day One Edition.

However, days later the Xbox EMEA social marketing manager Graeme Boyd would clarify on Twitter: "Had a few questions on this so wanted to clarify: "FIFA 14 will only come free with Xbox One Day One Edition pre-orders, while stocks last.."

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ZodTheRipper3912d ago

Not more than the other 180's :D

Godmars2903912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

But this isn't a 180. Its them saying one thing during a major news event which sounds really great, then once the attention of the larger media outlets falls off, MS "clarifies" the statement into something not so great.

Its MS's S.O.P.

ZodTheRipper3912d ago

It's almost worse since that falls into the category of purposely lying ...companies in the US were sued for less ;D

Godmars2903912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

I read somewhere that US companies actually can lie in advertising. That laws associated with truth in advertising have been "broadened" like some backside innuendos I could use but wont.

Yeah, can't help but notice that Germany is having issues with the XB1, which by all counts seems to be tailored towards the US market.

ZodTheRipper3912d ago

In Germany (where the announcement was made) actually there is a law which states that every advertisement has to be true and clear, if not then you make yourself or rather your company chargeable. Though I don't think that you'd be succesful with that kind of charge here.

jimbobwahey3912d ago

I just find it really bizarre that they state the promotion is "while stocks last" when it's a digital download. That combined with the clarification that not everybody is getting the game anyway just comes across as very slimy and deceptive, especially when their big announcement painted a very different picture.

christian hour3912d ago

I thought they learned their lesson from e3 about their lack of clarity? Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.

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MineHaxx3912d ago

Doing that right now,/facepalm

FamilyGuy3912d ago

Wow and here I thought them saying no free game planned for U.S. pre-orders was a bad idea. This list of customers actually able to get this freebee just keeps getting smaller.

We should've known from the start that it was too good to be true when rumors first surfaced of them giving a big free title away.

3-4-53912d ago

Do people actually communicate to each other within this company ?

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ThatCanadianGuy5143912d ago

More half truths and hidden lies.

cunnilumpkin3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

do you troll xbox1 articles all day or what, the ps4 is EXACTLY the same

they are both weak, and they are both on the decline

pc ftw!

ThatCanadianGuy5143912d ago

PS4 has the same false FIFA messages?
Take your meds, buddy.

CocoWolfie3912d ago

wasnt the day one edition sold out in most places before they even annouced that every pre-order would get it? :/

stage883912d ago

Shambles. Absolute shambles.

fsfsxii3912d ago

Would it kill MS if they gave a straight answer without bullshitting around?