Is It Wrong To Expect A Smooth MMO Launch

If you’ve been browsing any MMO related media outlets this past week you’re probably aware of the situation involving Square Enix’ launch of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The game has been met with positive praise from players and critics following an extended period of development after the closing of Final Fantasy XIV over 3 years ago. Fans have praised Square Enix for the huge amount of changes made to the game and despite a few expected launch issues, it’s a great experience all round. However, there are still issues logging into the game. Which poses my question for today; is it wrong to expect a smooth MMO launch?

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Abriael1873d ago

Yes. And if you whine over it you're not very knowledgeable of the genre.


AzureskyZ1873d ago

Its unreasonable to ask for a launch mmo to be perfect, just not going to happen. however ff14 1.0 was in all fairness deserved the heat that it received. Service issues is one thing, poor game content, management, and system is a whole different ball game.

Abriael1873d ago

True, and that's why we're in luck, because the content and system as a whole are between the best in the market nowadays.

AzureskyZ1873d ago

@ Abriael--- my biggest problem so far is that SE prioritizes japanese server over us and europe even though na/eu datacenter has a far bigger utilization. Other than that i really have no gripes, i mean most AAA MMO run into problem and as far as content-- realm reborn is defintely 300 percent times better than 1.0. The game still have some work, but it certainly going the right direction so far.

SnotyTheRocket1872d ago

lets be honest, Square did NOT expect all of the traffic they are getting. I assumed a lot of people would pass this one up, due to FFXIV ver 1. It's great so many people are playing though. Awesome game.

pkb791873d ago

FF XIV 1.0 was only taken offline last November, less then a year ago. Not 'over 3 years ago'.
Is it wrong to expect accurate video game journalism? I use the term journalism very loosely.

aliengmr1873d ago

Just a simple error, no need for the fanboy rage.

At the end of the article the author says it was released 3 years ago.

pkb791873d ago

Asking for some fact checking is Fanboy rage? I think you need to spend less time on this site.