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GIZORAMA - After suffering nine long years of lackluster 3D titles and spin-offs, the Rayman series made a complete 360 and rejuvenated itself by going back to its 2D side-scrolling roots with the wonderful Rayman Origins. Rayman Legends takes all that was great about Origins and improves upon it with its limitless creativity and entertaining originality.

Legends occurs 100 years after Origins. Near the end of his century-long slumber, Polokus the bubble dreamer begins to undergo nightmares that surface from his pipe, in the form of bubbles, as vicious realities and take over the land. As soon as he realizes his mistake, the long-bearded, bubble-blowing sage sends out his right hand man, Murfy the frog fairy, to wake Rayman and his crew. Once the limbless hero is up and running, he combines forces with friends, old and new, to take down the five obnoxious Lum warlocks and their armies of darkness.

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