Sessler's ...Something: Nintendo's Next-Gen GameChanger

This week on Sessler's ...Something, Adam ponders Nintendo's recent announcements of the 2DS, and the surprising news that Wind Waker HD will release on the eShop two weeks ahead of its retail release. Will Microsoft and Sony adopt a similar practice?

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Kingthrash3601874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Nintendo needs a new 1st party ip.
its sad we still haven't had hd zelda but is that what we look forward to? a hd version of a 20 year old game? I hear they have a new ip in the works...and I know imma get alot of disagrees.
its not that I hate Nintendo, its just I feel they've had a pass for no new 1st party AAA ip since pikman..a N64 title..smh. really they are lacking and its an issue. we as gamers go hard in sony/MS about new ip's, but not on Nintendo....why is that?
I mean i see people saying let god of war go....(me included) or gears of war has run its corse. but these games are babies compared to mario,zelda,metriod,pokemon,ki rby. no matter how great they are they are stale and some are over 20years old.
im not saying to stop making saying stop piggybacking them and make some new sh*t.

na-no-nai1874d ago

That's nonsense. Nintendo had xenoblade, last story and pandora tower and they are new ips. Look they may not have any new ips on the wii u yet but that doesn't mean they don't have any new ip at all. It just mean you wanted to see what you wanted to see and being biased.

Maybe it's not what you wanted to play but to say they have no new ip since pikmin just plain wrong

Kingthrash3601874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

I said AAA 1st party defensive you didnt read my comment correctly......take off the fanboy shades pls. Re-READ THE FIRST SENTENCE....THEN COMPREHEND IT.
and how am I being bias? because I want a new first party ip?....because I acknowledge the greatness of Nintendo 1st party ip's by saying they are the best in the game?
seriously, I knew I would get disagrees because I was fairly critical to Nintendo because fanboys are too eager to defend Nintendo instead of asking for something new to look forward to...smmfh

ChickeyCantor1873d ago

"I said AAA 1st party ips"

Those titles he mentioned are pretty much AAA titles. You're point being?

na-no-nai1874d ago

So you saying xenoblade, pandora tower and last story aren't AAA? Just because it doesn't have high production lets say of last of us. Its not AAA first party. And beside just cuz I favor nintendo more does not make me a fanboy, afterall I am getting a ps4, xbox1. Anyways if you overlook those, then you must not be looking with your anti nintendo glasses.

I'm just tired of nintendo bashing people. I don't care what you call me I play consoles that have games I want

Kingthrash3601874d ago

the shades take them OFF lol
Do you know what first party means? tell you because your looking pretty uninformed right now.
1st party games are games that are made by NINTENDO...
I really dont care if its fav system or not....I perfer THEM ALL! but its ok to criticize them from time to time. I know what was done 3rd party wise in exclusive titles for the wii....and most weren't all that good.......I said MOST not All. the games you mentioned are 3rd party games my friend and not on the subject. do me a favor and tell me what awsome AAA Nintendo made game has come out after pikman.......ill wait.

na-no-nai1874d ago

Xenoblades is made by monolith soft which is owned by nintendo so they are first party. And the other two are nintendo owned they funded and fully owned the ips

Neonridr1874d ago

I believe Monolith Soft would be classified as a 2nd party developer because they technically are their own studio, but are fully funded by Nintendo. Retro Studios is a 2nd party developer for example.

gamer421874d ago

Pikmin isn't an N64 game...

N4g_null1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Its really showing how you say we go hard against sony and ms for new ips yet not Nintendo.

Its about games, true games. You never hear developers sayvthey wanted to be like any one from sony or ms 1st parties do you?

ask your self why are developers wanting to be like tired old Nintendo?

they are a no frills type of designer. They wont preach any thing that is not about fun. This is why their sequel s are not the clones that others claim they are.

I have been waiting on sony to become a true gaming power house like sega used to be for a very long time. Ive watched them try to turn gaming into some thing else. The only success they are having at that is the adult gamer who has become a type of casual gamer but still has the passion yet not the time to indulge in a childs play ground of sorts. They want their own play ground, yet no one has made them a suitable one yet. That playground is game development yet they dont have the guts or smarts to pursue it so lets back sony lol!

ms will never be a gaming companyand sony I fear is following them. They have better pr yet it is only because ms sort of sucks and are trying to buy the industry not just it's developers. This is why Nintendo wants more indies and indies is the natural evolution of a gamer... that is to creat games... that is really where the angst of Nintendo comes from. These gamers dont want to change Nintendo they want to be in Nintendo shoes.

they could solve this whole pr war by making sim nintendo. Lol.

Kingthrash3601873d ago

lol seriously im done too much fanboy would be horrible with just Nintendo making games...or sony making games. ms can go id rather have sega systems than the bs ms tried todo....but yeah calm yourself its just weird yall Nintendo fanny dont want new ips from its blasphemous to even mention it...smh

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1873d ago

"Sim Nintendo"
A "Funny" Vote for you.

N4g_null1873d ago

Kingthrash360, we get new ip all of the time in the form of gaming play... we are here to play games and these other gamers want stories, sandboxes and fps.

take kid icuras the 3ds version is like a 3rd person version of quake, it is more like a shooter also. The old school shoot em up type.

they could actually release dlc for most of their games replacing Nintendo characters and it would illustrate all of the new ip being created.

Nintendo s ip represents play styles which is why they sell so well. People know what they are getting for the most part.

stories are hit or miss and mostly miss since Im pretty hard on movies, like most other adults.

perhaps people with aggression towards Nintendo need to state whatthey like. Saying you want new ip with out a preference is not useful.

Ive gripped about nintendo even while in the same venue as Nintendo and I was very much to the point, you know what? They fixed most of my grips, so im a happy camper.

schlanz1873d ago

Wind Waker came out in 1993? Wow, way ahead of its time. I mean, I knew it was a classic, but I assumed it was more of like a modern classic. Can't believe in just two years from LttP they were able to make Wind Waker. That's crazy!

Kingthrash3601873d ago

no I ment zelda as a franchise.....same for mario, metriod, and donkykong.

thomasmiller1873d ago

Have you every heard of Nintendo land?? yeah and just look at all the new ips from sony and microsoft, KILL ZONE AND KILLER INSTINCT!! wow! you sure do know your stuff!!! what ever helps you sleep at night sparky! what ever helps you sleep at night!

Kingthrash3601873d ago

you mean like the last of us...ryse..the order...titain fall...into the rapture....

1873d ago
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LostDjinn1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

For those who want to know what Sessler's Caligula reference was about, well it was a shot. Caligulas descent into madness was accompanied by one sided conversations with the moon. As things became worse the conversations became more frequent (and frightening), along with the execution of any who didn't share his delirium (or his personal views). Things finally culminated with him (Caligula) getting freaky with his horse.

So if you're a PS fan please, let Adam know exactly how you feel about being labeled as an insane, homicidal horse #@%#er.

Edit: I really can't believe he just said that. *smh*

SpiralTear1874d ago

As opposed to a sane one of those.

yugovega1873d ago

adam is right that most sony faboys suffer the same delirium.

case in point:

this gen "paying to play online is wrong and you crazy for accepting it from microsoft"

next gen?"sony charging to play online is fine because it will make the experience better and they are smart for doing it for us gamers"

yep insane indeed.

Neonridr1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

I do find it a little odd how people always gripe about Nintendo not coming out with new IP's but will have no issues lining up for Halo 5, God of War 12, Uncharted 43 or Gran Turismo 607.

If the games sucked, then I could understand. But games like Mario and Zelda are constantly in the conversation for GOTY, so clearly they are doing something right.

Not to mention that games like F-Zero, Star Fox and Pikmin are hardly considered rehashed IPS. Considering we haven't seen a new game in the Star Fox or F-Zero universe in forever, and the last iterations of each of these games were on the Gamecube.

DEATHSTROKE-cro-1873d ago

God Of War 12 ?

there were 2 on PS2 and 2 on PS3.
same for Gran Turismo. 2 games on every console.


mii-gamer1873d ago

Not hating on god of war but at least check some details

god of war, god of war 2, god of war 3, god of war ascension, God of War: Betrayal, God of War: Chains of Olympus, God of War: Ghost of Sparta,God of War Collection, God of War: Origins Collection, God of War Saga

god of war has so many commercial releases - not exactly 12 but it is still alot

DEATHSTROKE-cro-1873d ago

excuse me, but you think that a re-release of a game or package of 2 or more games is a COMPLETELY NEW GAME ?

and if you count PSP games than count DS/Gameboy Mario games.

Neonridr1873d ago

lol, I was merely exaggerating a little with the GOW12 number Deathstroke. I wasn't trying to be literal.

All I was trying to get across was that every studio has games that they milk because they are successful.

While Nintendo has had several Mario games for sure, Mario Sunshine and Mario Galaxy were fundamentally very different games.

DEATHSTROKE-cro-1873d ago

lol dude, I love Mario.
Mario 64 is one of the favorite games from the childhood. with Crash Bandicoot, Timespliters, Golden Eye, Killer Instinct, Diddy Kong Racing...

but Mario is probably the most milked IP in the industry.
and yes, there are Mario games that are very different but still...

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AznGaara1874d ago

To be fair what nintendo is doing with Wind Waker HD is really smart. Wanna battle used games? Sell the digital version 2 weeks ahead of the disc version. I expect to see this adopted by Sony and MS soon.

trafalger1874d ago

i agree. if they expect consumers to have less freedom, be it going to digital, then they better get off there ass and show us why. that could be being more price competitive or in this case letting us have it earlier. this is a very smart move that will no doubt upset diehard physical medium adopters who will feel shafted.

the second part of sesslers video was about ads. i dont have any issue with ads to support freeware and other free options out there. what i do have issues with are ads forced on paid consumers. this could be paid cable services, online services like xbox live or even going to the cinema and having to watch ads before the trailers. that is not cool.

FamilyGuy1873d ago

I've been expecting this from Sony ever since they started trying out their Digital Day 1 downloads. This could be a petty big deal.

yugovega1873d ago

wow the first person to actually be on topic and not just attack games. funny how it's rare to find gamers like you on n4g. bubbles

SpiralTear1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Adam's right: the push for digital content sales should start by showing a clear advantage in getting it over a physical copy, whether it be early release or just being cheaper. Sony did the reduced price thing with Vita games, but the expensive memory cards kind of defeated the purpose of it.

Nintendo did say that they aren't implying this decision for early digital release with Wind Waker HD to be a trend for them in the future, but I do hope that this move gets the attention of other digital distribution services to give a little more of a boost to digital over physical releases. As Adam said, this could be a "game-changer."

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