DriveClub PS Plus Edition is the full game minus a few cars and tracks

PlayStation 4 racing game DriveClub's PlayStation Plus Edition is the full game minus a few cars and tracks, developer Evolution Studios has said.

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GarrusVakarian1874d ago

Awesome, really want to give this game a go but didn't want to pay full price. Bravo :D

pedrof931874d ago

This game ,now, is way better from what we saw at E3.

trafalger1874d ago

i expect this game to get lots of support after the release for quite some time. thats the beauty of being able to patch and add items even after it launches.

ZodTheRipper1874d ago

I just got a 50€ discount code from Amazon for this game, now I get the full version almost for free :D

devwan1874d ago

You can platinum the game with the ps+ version - tells you all you need to know.

@zod18 - where/how did you get the code?

The_Con-Sept1873d ago


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Eonjay1874d ago

Awesome. So its not like KI where you have one character and have buy EVERYTHING ELSE piece by piece?
Oh and its free?

thetruthx11874d ago

With KI you can buy the whole game along with the original KI or you can buy only the characters you want... Very simple

Eonjay1874d ago

With DriveClub AND Resogun its a full free game because thats the definition of Free. Xbox doesn't come with a free game. Just a KI demo.

Maddens Raiders1874d ago

Well I'm a plus member and would've gotten this day one regardless. I'm not worried about the lack of split screen as I'm a screen hog and would rather have my own telly all to my self. I'll play this in between down sessions with GT6. It will be hard to devote a ton of time to this game with GT6 out at the same time, but I will do my best! Looking to crush some sector times.

Bathyj1873d ago

So Ps4 supports all the Ps3 steering wheels, is that correct? I bought a Logitech G25 just for GT5, it would suck if such an expensive awesome wheel didn't work.

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user74029311874d ago

and in that state is still better than f5

Ripsta7th1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Keep dreaming

MysticStrummer1874d ago

If you're denying there are some things better about DC than F5, you're the one in a dreamworld.

scott1821874d ago

Definitely better than forza 5 from the gameplay I have seen. Very amazing graphics and sense of speed second to none. No split screen is annoying, but doesn't change the great gameplay. Plus the club feature online makes it the best for online play.

Xsilver1874d ago

funny on how u get dislikes for saying its better forza on a playstation article hmmm i smell xbots, anyway DC has a sense of speed when u drive that u really can feel makes sense since its from motorstrom devs. and it will defiantly be more fun than Forza everyone who has played it said its the most fun next gen racer and the graphics are so realistic with amazing lighting and depth of field in the environment that u see amazing mountains in the background and night racing looks stunning.

MasterCornholio1874d ago

Well in some ways its better.

I challenge you to a race where the best drifter wins and the weather changes every minute.

You cant do that with Forza for example.

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titletownrelo1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Need For Speed < The Crew < Forza 5 < Drive-Club < Project Cars

*My own personal opinion. Just because something is considered "less than" something else, doesn't mean the game is shit. ALL of these games look FANTASTIC and just pure FUN. However, I'll be getting Drive Club for its style of gameplay and Project Cars on PC for the fucking AMMMMAAAZZZIINNNGG graphics.

buynit1874d ago

Ssooo..... Its not the full game!?

scott1821874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

One could argue that no game is the full game, with different editions of games to be purchased and downloadable content. I love that I get to play Drive club for free, and I am planning on getting additional content.

badz1491874d ago

It has never been promised as a full game. Thus "PS+ Edition" in the name. Trying hard to pull that "180" card aren't ya?

buynit1874d ago

Uummm.. No i wasnt..

Its either the full game or its not, no shame either way as you are getting a large portion of the game for free..

My goodness you sony fanatics are out of control! Let me make you feel like you accomplished something... I cant wait to get ki and i heard it will be something like this as well..

Death1874d ago

Aren't you paying attention? It is the full game, 100%. It's just missing some stuff. See the difference? It's not a partial game missing some stuff to make it complete, it is the complete game now, just missing some stuff.

buynit1874d ago

Well when you put it like that... (at&t voice) lol

Convas1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

What!? Did you read what you posted?

The game's complete? Except ... it's not?

If ALL the content is not there, IT IS NOT COMPLETE.

Deadpoolio1874d ago

It's better than the Demo of Killer Instinct that you get free to pay.....Just the fact that free to play games on PS4 are actually free to play and don't require PS+ make the PS4 more appealing...Games on the X1 shouldn't be called free to play since they still require a gold membership

Death1874d ago are saying the Drive Club PS+ edition is better than the games on XboxOne that require a Gold subscription to play. So it would be bad if the Drive Club PS+ edition was only downloadable by PS+ subscribers...

The PS+ edition of Drive Club. The PS+(Playstation Plus) edition. Is it sinking in?

Here's the cool thing about the PS+ edition of Drive Club. You need to be a PS+ subscriber to access it if the name is accurate. They allow you to upgrade to the full version at a discount if you are not a Plus subscriber, but they yank the online multiplayer part that is now subscription based.

I'll be honest, the new PSN/PS+ stuff is kind of confusing. Is Drive Club PS+ Edition free to everyone or just subscribers and what is the point of upgrading from the + version to the full version if you are not a subscriber and can't play online? It sounds like you need to upgrade and subscribe to use the entire game.

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