BioWare is "undecided" on Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer

In case you missed it, Dragon Age: Inquisition went large on the site over the weekend, following unveiling of new footage and screens at PAX Prime 2013 in Seattle, Washington. Speaking to OXM at a preview event in London last week, producer Cameron Lee shed a bit of light on elderly rumours that the new RPG features a multiplayer mode. The short answer is: there is no answer, not yet.

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deep_fried_bum_cake1899d ago

Hopefully it doesn't have multiplayer. It seems like we can no longer just have single player games nowadays.

-Foxtrot1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

I know right

When Mass Effects 3 ending was leaked in November they had to delay the game to change things around. Now you would think in this time Bioware or even EA who is funding the game would give them the resources to spend on making up a great new ending which makes sense, getting the ending finished and also finishing things off like the cut Omega DLC

Did they do they didn't

They added multiplayer, the shoehorned multiplayer into Mass Effect 3 when other things needed to be done. Plus they forced you to play it to get a better ending

I'm sorry for anyone who liked the online but I found it boring, repetitive and in the end unnecessary.

So yeah multiplayer is not needed in these games, it's like those silly people who want co-op in Elder Scrolls or Fallout <sigh>

Mystogan1899d ago

You're probably sad and lonely. Local co-op would be awesome in Skyrim.

-Foxtrot1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago ) immature, personal attack comment for stating how bad co-op would be in Elder Scrolls. Guess since you stated it as "Skyrim" your pretty new to the series.

News flash, Bethesda can hardly do a single player game without bugs, imagine if they put co-op in SOMETHING which is NOT easy to do as you may think. They would be wasting dev time on a feature which someone like you would spend a few weeks on to show off to your friend and then get bored of it and go on something else.

So no...I'm not sad and lonely I just don't see the point of great single player games being ruined by any sort of online mode. What are to gaming this gen ?

Stick to games built up for co-op like Borderlands or L4D for example and leave games like this alone for single player lovers. We don't need people like you ruining every game when theres already online games out there.

RegorL1898d ago

You do know that DA:I was expected to release this fall. Don't you?

Bioware got an extra year to create contents (and add features). Adding multi player would not require to much resources considering DA:I is running on a multi player first engine...

Roccetarius1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

It's pretty much inevitable, that it'll have a MP in it. They're actually setting it up with the way this game is going.

Mystogan1899d ago

I really hope there is 3 player local co-op. I want to play it with my brothers.

I don't understand the hatred against multiplayer games. Don't you guys have friends or family to play with?

NYC_Gamer1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

Bioware should be focused on building a proper Dragon Age game instead of being worried about online features

Irishguy951899d ago

Get EA to put more money in another team making multi if they have to have it. \bioware better focus on single player although ME3s multi was alright in the end

pandehz1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

I did enjoy ME3 co-op mode.

Though I wish Bio makes a co-op campaign with exta loot and difficulty or something.

user74029311899d ago

goddammit , multiplayer games that are tacked on need to be terminated.

Chuk51899d ago

WE're heading to a new generation. WE need to leave taked on multi behind. That said, DA3 is clearly a technical behemoth so making a current gen sku is laughable. We're gonna see which devs will put up or shutup in the next year. Lords of the Fallen and Witcher 3 are full next-gen games. And some devs are just gonna tow the line and muddle both. I think both current and new-gen games will benefit from specified attention not bet-hedging.

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