AMD Volcanic Islands GPU Family Arrives in Mid-October – Possible Specifications Unveiled

Nearly two years after their launch, the Southern Islands family from AMD is finally going to be replaced by their successor, the AMD Volcanic Islands. The AMD Volcanic Islands graphic card family including the flagship Hawaii graphics card are going to be announced at a press conference by AMD in Hawaii in the last week of September.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx1874d ago

With a name like Volcanic Islands you would think these cards run extremely hot.
I kid I kid!

Pain_Killer1874d ago

Going to be a badass fight between NVIDIA and AMD when VI family launches.

Flagship Hawaii vs Flagship GK110, the one with the best price/performance would be deemed the true winner.

LAWSON721874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Amd is usually the best with price performance, and people can say the 760 is the best for price/performance right now but I am seeing plenty of HD7950 for around $200-250, mostly around $220, which IMO is a better deal considering similar performance, better oc, 3 free games, and lower price. I will say though I am quite excited for next gen GPUs too, hopefully haswell and Hawaii impress.

LAWSON721874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Oops I said haswell I meant maxwell, lol

BenRage31874d ago

I'm upgrading my GPU soon, and was going to go with a 7870. The cheapest, non sale option I found was around $200. You got a link to show me where you are seeing the 7950 for around $200? Sounds like a good deal.

blackmagic1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

7950 - $180
includes free shipping and 3 games.

LAWSON721874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

@Ben Rage
Always look on Newegg and sometimes amazon for great prices, also this is in USD. Newegg I believe has a MSI Twinfrozr and Sapphire 7950 for $220 and do not get that red/black MSI gpu (recommended by blackmagic)it has bad reviews and is supposedly not to great at cooling and MIR usually take so long to get to you you might as well ignore them at time of purchase.

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Convas1874d ago

But what if Maxwell (GTX 800) actually does manage to double the power of the GTX 700 line?

What's AMD's answer to that?

ZoyosJD1874d ago

The Hawaii card (9970) specs were rumored as practically double a 7970

"20nm chip has 4,096 Stream Processors, four geometry engines, 16 SPUs, 256 TMUs, 64 ROPs and a GDDR5 interface of 512 bits"

I expect the GTX 880 to be along the same lines.

If these cards really are on the 20nm process expect ~40% improvements over a Titan on both sides

The rest is down to release date, slight differences in power, price, and preference.

starchild1874d ago

Well, I'll probably be upgrading to either Nvidia's Maxwell or AMD's Volcanic Islands depending on how they turn out. I hope that they are the leap in performance that has been talked about.

Volkama1874d ago

I'm running a 6950 at the moment, and it just about handles current games with high settings and stereoscopic 3D.

I'm hoping I can hold out for another generation of GPUs and then when the new consoles herald in a new wave of technically demanding games I'll throw a new card in there and soak up the beauty of it.

I'm also hoping the 8core setup on the consoles makes my i7 worthwhile over the more fashionable i5 :)