Gran Turismo 5 Coming to PC?

According to the statement by Kazunori Yamauchi seems to be more of a possibility. In a recent interview granted to a German newspaper DerStandard, Yamauchi had confirmed its intention to Polyphony Digital, to achieve a conversion of the title on the PC. At the moment the news is only a rumour, but it is possible that over the next few weeks there are official statements on the matter. We remain on hold.

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Fishy Fingers3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

I cant comprehend how good this would look on PC. Make it happen :)

Whats with the disagree? Upset that people without a PS3 might get to play this fantastic game?

Sez 3892d ago

i don't think many sonyfans would be happy about this.because this game is one of the reasons to buy a ps3. if it comes to PC. it would be one of many reason not to get a ps3. like sonyfans say about the 360.

Fishy Fingers3892d ago

Im a Sony fan, doesnt bother me one bit. Then again I'm a fan of their games, not their sales figures.

HighDefinition3892d ago

Approves the weirdest stuff, when no else does. Especially if it`s percieved as a negative for the PS3. Wow. This is probaly the 3rd or 4th time it`s happened.

Shadow Flare3892d ago

I'm a bit disheartened by the news, because the PC is THE home of piracy. I can't see this game doing to well on pc because 1) You would need a really powerful computer to play the game at its best, and 2) Say hello to BitTorrent. It would probably go down the same road as Crysis, an incredible game in itself, but most people downloaded it free off Torrent websites

Fishy Fingers3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Why would the idea of people getting it through torrent sites bother you? Honestly I'm interested to know, because from where I'm sitting I dont see how it effects you, only Sony.

EDIT @ plankton, so how exactly has piracy effected you?

HighDefinition3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

"Why would the idea of people getting it through torrent sites bother you? Honestly I'm interested to know, because from where I'm sitting I dont see how it effects you, only Sony."

Piracy effects everyone. Period. If you can`t see that.....I don`t know what to say. I don`t feel like explaining it, right now.

If you think piracy hasn`t effected devs. dev`ing for the PSP, your very mistaken.


-Not enough games for PSP because of it.

So if piracy keeps going, you think game devs. are gonna keep making games ....for FREE. NO, It`s a business.

HighDefinition3892d ago

Tell that to the SEGA DREAMCAST!!!!!!

Bled from piracy, Killed by Sony.

mighty_douche3892d ago

Plankton, I believe your being a bit of a drama queen and dramatically over exaggerating things. You just dont like the idea of anyone doing something negative to sony.

I bet you believe we're "Funding terrorism" too when we pirate games/movies.

ye, piracy is killing the game industry, even though its one of the only sectors which is growing and producing more profits year after year.
Just look at Bungie, they can barely afford shoes because of piracy.

Get a grip.

HighDefinition3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

you guys are CRAZY and blind as f**k.

-Music is being destroyed by it.
-Movies are being destroyed by it.
-Gaming is getting destroyed by it.

BTW, douche

a bit of a hypocrite are we?

Yesterday you told someone this isn`t "Chatroom"

Good Job.

If you can`t see it, I feel sorry for you.

Did piracy kill the DC? Cause if your answer is YES. You really need to think NOT talk.

Did piracy kill the Music Industry? Cause if your answer is YES. You really need to think NOT talk.

Did piracy kill the Movie Industry? Cause if your answer is YES. You really need to think NOT talk.

Did piracy kill the PC gaming age? Cause if your answer is YES. You really need to think NOT talk.



Also, WTF does Bungie have to do w/ anything? Your reaching there.

So gaming is growing ......woohoo. So is the population!

It would have grown more w/o it. Cause company would put more into


cause alot if is going DOWNHILL from a creative stand point.

"funding terrorism" again. WTF.

When i say DEAD, i`m talking about creativity, obviously. sheesh.....

Fishy Fingers3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

LOL, your actually a little mental arent you.

The music industry is dead, the movie industry is dead.. blah blah blah. (last time i checked they still made music/movies/etc)

Yeah your totally right, the other day I saw the head of MGM begging on street corners.

If you dont approve of piracy thats great, nor do I, but please "dead" stop over doing it.

When it comes to PC, the majority of pirates do so because their systems cost so much that they simply cant afford both the PC and the game.

I'm a PC gamer, as well are alot of my friends, we have NEVER pirated a game.

I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. Still, why do I wonder if you would take a different stance if we were talking about a 360 game.

EDIT : you know 50 people who never pay for games? Well why not go lecture them about how they're "killing" the game industry huh?

HighDefinition3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

YES or NO.


all of you.

@btw, when I say dead, I`m talkin about creativity. So kill all the rich people begging sh!t.

@fishyfingers (above)

you`ve never pirated a game....good for you.

I know 50 people that have NEVER bought a PC game. so..........

The world isn`t just you.

"you know 50 people who never pay for games? Well why not go lecture them about how they're "killing" the game industry huh?"

that is SO unbelievably weak. Answer the question. Please.

You called me crazy......back it up.

I can`t even reply i`m out of bubbles.

Go ahead.

Shadow Flare3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Why would getting it through torrent sites bother me?
Because Polyphony Digital DESERVE success. And they won't get it because things like torrent sites exist, point in case, Polyphony Digital won't get anything back from all their hardwork if they make it for pc too. Thats why i care, even if you don't understand. There aren't many developers around that put so much passion and hardwork into their games. If you've ever seen behind the scene videos of Polyphony at work, you know that they deserve every success in the world. And its things like torrent sites that completely give a big F U to the developers

MicroDeath SoftStar3892d ago

i really dont think this is gonna ever happen but if it does it would be great . pc owner could use a good racer right now (apart from other things )

sonarus3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

prologue maybe but full GT5 impossible. As long as sony owns polyphony, it won't happen. They may be trying to introduce more ppl to the franchise though. If they give chinese gamers a taste of GT5P, might get them to buy a ps3 when the full version of GT5 releases. They are just trying to get the game across to more users.

HighDefinition3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Has PIRACY negatively affected PC gaming?

Man up and answer.

Cause by your take, it couldn`t have possibly.

Explain, since you feel so confident about your views.

Go ahead...if you can.

Yes, I`m calling you out....LoL.

Lord Anubis3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Don't be silly people Piracy affects everyone with out commercial success there's no incentive to continue developing.

Shadow Flare3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

i wouldn't usually reply like this but the people who disagreed with my comment 1.12, you are trash. You're the scum of society.

MrBii3892d ago

And thats exactly why they wont release it for the PC.

Their (SONY) game. They decide. Not going to happen.

Read the word "perhaps". Wow basing a Sony IP franchise going multi on that word is me saying I could break a 400 pound rock with my fist.

cmrbe3892d ago

Thats a very selfish way of looking at it. I see that you don't pirate and i commend you for it but i don't condemn those that do it. Ultimately its up to the persons conscious and afor them to decide on the issue of piracy. Me personally i don't do it because i do think about those men and women that work really hard producing these games. My conscious won't allow it but hey thats just me. If other people do it thats their business but please understand the position people like plankton take which is similar to mine.

On topic. I really doubt Sony would allow GT5 to be on PC. Highly unlikely imo.

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Corrupt3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Sony knows how much of a system seller this game is. They wouldn't let it be available on another platform. This is one of those games that Sony want people to know: If you want to play it, get a PS3.

masterg3892d ago

I agree. GT5 is a First Party game owned by Sony.
When have they ever made anything for the PC.

MicroDeath SoftStar3891d ago

one of the greatest pc games ever made everquest 2 is made for the pc by sony . but i do agree that GT is a playstation brand only

rushbd3892d ago

they know GT5 is very important. are they sure it isnt some bad translation???

whoelse3892d ago

Its published so why hurt their big console by pushing people to buy a new PC instead.

Leathersoup3892d ago

well first of all, as expensive as the PS3 is, PCs are more expensive. Not only that but by playing it on the PS3 you'd have couch factor. I'm pretty sure that Sony would put it out on the PC if it meant money.
They've reached the point where they're not exactly having problems selling the PS3. If they sell the game on the PC as well as the PS3 it would generate more revenue for them. Revenue that they're not receiving right now. Also, if the game came out on the PC there's no reason to think that it would look as good or run as well as it did on the PS3.

techie3892d ago

Would be an odd move by Sony - PD is owned by Sony - so it won't be up to Kaz

Corrupt3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Listen to this man, people.

Lord Anubis3892d ago

Eventhough Sony game Kaz his studio they don't own Polyphony.

Corrupt3892d ago

I'm not sure if I read your post right (if I didn't then excuse this post), but Polyphony Digital is controlled by Sony, it's a subsidiary for SCE.

Lord Anubis3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

After Kaz left Sony, Sony helped him set up his own studio what is now Polyphony. Sony is just the publisher of their (sony owns) franchise Gran Turismo.

I doubt they'll make a pc version. They have their hands full at the would be years after GT5 if they make a PC port.


you forgot to quote the whole thing

"Polyphony Digital Inc. is a subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., and is a software developer entity. Originally a development group within Sony Computer Entertainment, the creators of “Gran Turismo ” established Polyphony Digital Inc. in 1998."

Corrupt3892d ago

Polyphony Digital Inc. is a subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., and is a software developer entity.

Straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak.

MrBii3892d ago

Not only is it a SONY game, but Digital Polyphony is also owned by Sony.

Digital P is a Sony subsidiary. How dense can you get. They own all the shares in Digital P. Thats why Digital P is called SUBSIDIARY.

Corrupt3892d ago

They were originally within SCE, and then made Polyphony Digital Inc. and are still owned by Sony. Look at what you pasted, I shall note the important parts:

"established Polyphony Digital Inc. in 1998."

"Polyphony Digital Inc. is a subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc."

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