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Tin Salamunic: I have to confess I’ve never been a big Diablo fan. While I admire the series’ lore and depth, I could never deal with the tedious point-and click-gameplay mechanics for more than a few hours. Diablo II was my first and only experience with the franchise back in the day and I had no desire to come back for the third installment, particularly after all the controversial connection problems during its launch last year. So when Blizzard announced they were porting Diablo III to consoles, I wasn’t exactly jumping up and down with joy. Then the unthinkable happened. After staring at my PS3 review copy with dire hesitation for a few hours, I popped the disc in…and was jolted with bewilderment. Two hours passed, five hours passed, a day went by, and I was still playing. I don’t say this lightly… but I didn’t think I would see the day when a console port of a legendary PC franchise would be the superior and definitive version.

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yeahokchief1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

Don't waste your money on this game if you haven't already bought Dragon's Crown on the PS3. It is by far a superior multiplayer coop game and better value. Plus you can probably get it on sale too.

Diablo 3 on console is simply undeserving of $60 on launch. After they milk the ps3 version theyll do an equally cheap ps4 version.

A day. That's nice. I've got hundreds of hours on dragon's crown and I still haven't even played HALF of the 6 starting classes. Not to mention that the gear itemization on the loot is more deep as are the skill tree choices. Dragon's Crown also has 19 completely unique bosses with clever mechanics.

It's no contest. Play em both in coop and you'll know what i'm talking about. No trying to keep up with another player's screen monopoly. No bosses scaled to the number of players which actually makes playing with 4 people more difficult than playing with 2 good players. No dumbed down mechanics/loot to treat you like you're 5.

If you're really into rpgs get em both, but Dragon's Crown first without a doubt. This will price cut like mad.

TheGameScouts1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

While I agree that Dragon's Crown is an equally excellent game, they can't really be compared as they're entirely different experiences. I also think you misunderstood my review. I never said I only spent a day on the game...I said my immediate session ended up lasting an entire day because the game turned out to be immersive. I've clocked in an absurd amount of hours and will be revisiting it for a second playthrough. You also haven't played the console version of Diablo III yet, so how can you make such a bold judgement. Play it first before making such statements.

yeahokchief1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

Sorry i didn't read your review. I wouldn't buy this game for $60 if you gave it an 11. It's already been as low as $20 on PC for a superior version, next gen is like two months away and it'll price cut down to about that much by black friday.

I can make that bold judgement based of the sheer number of complaints made against the pC version. Players of the game putting it down after a few playthroughs etc. I've played through Dragon's Crown literally at least 12 times so far and i'm still not sick of it. I absolutely can compare them.

ColinZeal1899d ago

Christ, if people wanna buy it - get off your high horse and let them. It´s not like it´s about your money at the end. Dragon´s Crown with it´s 2D doesn´t interest me at all.

TheGameScouts1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

That's precisely my point! If you read my review you'd see that I actually didn't like the PC version. As a matter of fact,I never even liked Diablo. The whole point was that the console version was a tremendous improvement. I make that statement in the very first paragraph. Have you read a single sentence in the review? How can you possibly even comment without having read a single word I said?

yeahokchief1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

An improvement over a mediocre game is nothing to get excited about. And graphically it's much worse. Much, much worse. IGN was laughing at how bad it looked on the PS3. Straight up laughing. Go back and google the video yourself.

Wait for PS4 if you must, but this is a company that sold out on its fans not only with this game but with all their games that aren't Starcraft. At least Kotick got a fat raise amiright?

Hell you even had the creator of Diablo getting disrespected by the grunts that made this game. Not just one asshat, but a handful of them. It's no longer about a desire to make excellent games. It's about feeding the machine and selling x number of copies to please the investors and their vain egos.

ColinZeal1899d ago

Only in the world of yeahokchief a mediocre game is able to sell over 10 million copies.

yeahokchief1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

1o million copies riding the coattails of the original series which was infinitely better.

10 million copies of which many were free for resubscribing to world of casualcraft.

10 million copies is nothing. GTA is going to shit all over 10 million copies before it's done eating breakfast. And they're going to do it with their fans behind them. lol.

sadly that's the world we live in. you wouldn't think people would be dumb enough to work for 7 dollars an hour while the ceo of their corporation takes in millions but there you go. nothign is fair when it comes to money and it doesn't have to make sense if you can dupe people into playing along.

the difference is that the majority of people who buy GTA are going to f***ing love it instead of spending their time complaining how bad it is.

yeahokchief1899d ago

Hey just remember when you're done wasting $60 on a one time game that I tried to save you money towards an infinitely better game. You're welcome. You don't deserve it. Thank me later.

Tdmd1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

This is getting pretty sad, yeahokchief. You are on literally every D3 article saying the same thing over and over again.
Dude, get a life... lol

antz11041892d ago

Ok dude, we get it. You're butthurt about buying this a year ago and getting burned. Sorry. You want Dragons Crown, fine, go play it and stop complaining. Its been a year....move on with your life, its ok!

Moving forward: its a damn good console game. Good controls, graphics, and the loot drops are solid. Co-op is great. Love me some D3.

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pandehz1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

Lemme get this straight for ppl.

Money and especially time is of importance so here goes.

Diablo3>T2>PathofExile and other wannabees.

How do I know? I've played them all cept some of the wannabes. Cough Van helsing Cough

Also Diablo 3 pc version is brilliant. Dont let the ultravocal MINORITY!! affect your decision. At first even I wasnt sure so I went the long route going from Torchligh to Path of exile and blah blah. Nothing comes close to Diablo 3 polish and their base is massive. Log in anytime and you'll find ppl.

The vocal minority will complain about the most insignificant things. RMAH ETC ETC

RMAH is GREAT. I dont want to spend 200hrs farming for some crap weapon. Instead just spend a few quid and get a decent upgrade and boom you are enjoying urself. I have a life and time is more valuable than a 20$ argument. So a few quid is no loss at all. So basically you'll see the majority are busy enjoying themselves and thats what anyone should be doing anwyays really.

If you dont want to participate in RMAH then thats fine too no one is forcing and its not a competitive multi game so its not a strict cheat or anything.

For pc players. Dont listen to me just try the free starter edition.

Console players also dont listen to me just watch the reviews. This game is pretty awesome. pc 12 million+ sales and daily bazillion ppl playing is proof enough.

Other arpg diablo knockoffs dont have 1/10th the player base of Diablo 3.


woah waoh take it easy.

Gta and Dragon's crown are different games completely.

Personally dragon's crown looks like a yawnfest to me, Gta is of course Gta.
But srsly dont bring that in a Diablo 3 review lol. Anyone could bring any game here. Come lets discuss BF4.

Bebedora1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

I will buy it and try it, co-op with my friend.
I have only played the first Diablo way back when.
It was a great experience, I never got into Diablo II for some reason I cannot remember. But I have always felt Diablo games are more made for a console than a point and click adventure it is on a PC. That's since I played Baldurs Gate II on the PS2.

I just got nailed on the TV-screen.

Then came Champions of Krynn for the PS2 (a big bug fest). Me and my pal played and drank beer all afternoon and evening, till all the beer was gone, he called and asked his girlfriend come to my place with more. She wasn't a happy woman but she came with them.

Happy days.

I hope Diablo III on my PS3 will make it as well. Nice review. Made me hoping. :)

pandehz1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

"But I have always felt Diablo games are more made for a console than a point and click adventure it is on a PC"

You are mistaken.

Diablo 3 on pc is superfast and ultra responsive. I think the console version is toned down and made easier. You even have dodge function. Pc version doesnt have dodge. We have to assess real quick and move or defend etc.

If it was harder clicking they would have given us dodge.

I bet the console version is great but yea its different a bit, PC version is more zoomed out so you can see more area and judge quick. Console version the gameplay is slower and more zoomed in like a more solo action game. Just watch a Diablo 3 farming session on inferno difficulty on pc.

But forunately both feel like variants of Diablo.

Bebedora1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

"I bet the console version is great but yea its _different_ a bit"

What I feel is different, is, that you, on the PC, more of control a minion, while on the console you control your character. That would give me more immersion, or that is what I am hoping for.

I know, sometimes in Diablo, I was clicking and the guy went a path not expected and - NOO! What the f...!