PS4 Still Leading But Xbox One Is Back In The Race

TechRadar: ''I don't envy Microsoft's PR staff the summer they've had.

While the rest of us baked contentedly in the seasonal heat, Microsoft's army of public relation executives were made to sweat profusely as they applied damage-control to their bosses' cack-handed attempts to reboot the video game industry.

In the weeks leading up to Gamescom the heat cooled slightly as Microsoft worked methodically to extricate Xbox One from tangles of its own making.''

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Walker1925d ago

PS4 is the best choice for next-generation of gaming consoles, no doubt .

sincitysir11925d ago

Agreed. But both are still great machines.

Septic1925d ago

Indeed both are great machines. The Xbox One is closing the gap for sure but Sony appear to have gone on from strength to strength in these early, but critical stages of the next-gen cycle.

But yes, MS have clawed their way back into the race after an abysmal start. The competition actually looks very fierce. Have we ever even had a scenario such as this where two behemoths are launching consoles at pretty much the same time?

November is going to be a very interesting month!

4Sh0w1925d ago

Beyond launch I think it was always irrevalent. Both will do just fine.

NewMonday1925d ago

what MS did was stop the bleeding, unfortunately for them the first wave of adopters have already made up their minds overwhelmingly for the PS4, MS doesn't look to have anything that will change that.

to start a real comeback they need a diverse range of must have true exclusive games, and that will take years.

trafalger1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

both do indeed look to be great systems (regardless of what trolls and fanboys say). however what sony has done is make adjustments of what was either lacking or needed improving on with the ps3. even though it outsold the x360 more per year on average. they have also managed to get the price down to $399. m$ on the other hand did much better on the x360 (from the original xbox) and gave sony a real tough fight this generation. but instead of capitalizing on that with improvements of there own they decided to try a different avenue and consumers voiced there concerns. now they have managed to rectify the situation but it means they had an uphill battle they created while sony had a better relationship with its fans from the start. m$ has another battle, that is getting gamers to pay $500, a $100 more than the ps4. thats no easy feat when its all based on kinect proving itself to gamers.

m$ should be able to win the battle with services on the hardware (operating system, tv deals and things like skype) and online multiplayer. where they need to gain momentum is allocating exclusives that gamers don't see as short term gains but long term commitments.

CrimsonStar1925d ago

Competition is good for gamers , and right now the competition is fierce . Its a good day to be a gamer .

UltimateMaster1925d ago

PS4 is the best console.
Microsoft doesn't care at all about the consumer, they just want to maximize their profits off of us, the gamers.
Even Microsoft doesn't even want the Xbox anymore and it would become good if it were as a stand-alone company rather than MS's personal little b*tch.
If Xbox becomes a stand-alone company THEN we will see significant changes done to it.
Otherwise, it's still a major rip-off.
MS PR: "Kinect is the future!!!!!"
Gamer: "But it sucks."
MS PR: "It does... but Kinect 2 is the future!"
Gamer: "You want me to waste my money again."
MS PR: "Yes."
Gamer: "But I already have 1?"
MS PR: "Umm, well, I, ahh... Bye!"

strigoi8141925d ago

One is loyal and the other one has tried to cheat..

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n4rc1925d ago

Best choice for you maybe.. Allow people to choose what's best for them

user74029311925d ago

ill allow myself to choose whats best for me, ps4.

scott1821925d ago

I will allow myself to choose the PS4, gotta wait for a bundle to go on sale again. I keep missing the boat.

n4rc1925d ago

Don't gotta be defensive about it. Lol.. I just get tired of hearing the "ps4 is best for gamers" etc... I've probably been gaming longer then they've been alive and they certainly don't speak for me or all gamers..

There's a lot going for both.. I don't blame anyone for choosing what they want..

True_Samurai1925d ago

Then Xbox One is the best for me

ma1asiah1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

I agree that both are shaping up to be awesome machines but for me personally the X1 will be the best console for me personally.

Main reasons comes down to dedicated servers in the form of the 300,000 servers (Azure Cloud). Multiplayer is going to be a blast on the X1, Plus no more waiting in lobbies for my game to start can go play a digital title while I wait.

Kinect 2.0 that comes with every X1 that developers will actually want to find ways to implement in their games.

It supports third party video capture devices so making game walkthroughs, strategy guides etc for my youtube channel are still a go.

One Gold acount thats right just one Gold account and then my whole family can enjoy all the benefits that come with GOLD.....So thats my four kids, my two brother in laws, my nephew and neice and finally my wife. Gold share is going to be awesome.

Then their is

Dead Rising 3
Project Spark
Killer Instinct
Ryse Son of Rome
Forza 5

Straight out the gate

Titanfall not long after

and then sometime in 2014

The next Halo
Fable Legends
Quantum Break

When Naughty Dog release their next game I will get a PS4 as well, but until then I am more than happy with what the X1 offers.

But hey as N4rc originally stated buy the one that is best for you. Both the PS4 and the X1 are going to offer great games and great experiences that are going to be unique to each platform. Some great times ahead.

Happy Gaming everyone.

Iceman_Nightmare1925d ago

PS4 everyday, and people need to know that XBOX SUCKS! They will regret buying the XBOX ONE later...

ma1asiah1924d ago

@ Iceman_nightmare

"PS4 everyday, and people need to know that XBOX SUCKS! They will regret buying the XBOX ONE later... "

People said the same to me this generation and I can't recall even for a second regretting getting the X360 over the PS3.

Your entitled to your opinion nothing wrong with that, but just because you happen to say it and think it, does not translate to its actually going to happen.

Both will do very well and gamers regardless of what platform they choose will be very happy, very happy indeed.

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Sitdown1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Yeah, because if all somebody wants to play is Madden Fifa, COD and Halo...clearly the best choice is the ps4. Does contributing to the flame wars help complete your life? People have different values and perspectives....

MineHaxx1925d ago

Saying Halo with PS4 is wrong.

MysticStrummer1925d ago

"People have different values and perspectives...."

That's very true, especially if those games are all they want to play.

koolaid2511925d ago

Xbox has exclusive content for Madden Fifa and call of duty so XboxOne will be the best system to play those games on.

C-Thunder1925d ago

I doubt anyone on this site only wants to play those four games.

4Sh0w1925d ago

Actually I do, especially Halo 5.

n4rc1925d ago

Especially when games like madden and FIFA aren't just system sellers... They are the entire reason some people have a console..

I know 3 people personally that ONLY play madden.. They don't own any other games

Iceman_Nightmare1925d ago

Madden, Fifa, Call of Duty is on the Playstation 4 you idiot!

T21925d ago

I would argue that if your gaming interest only extends to a few games then the cheaper system would be more suited

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Magicite1925d ago

haha true, maybe it wont even release this year

1925d ago
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DebateMaster1925d ago

Ps4 is already set to win the race. The Xbox one is fodder at this point. I mean the fact that promised features won't be available at launch proves that.

sincitysir11925d ago

I'm just waiting for Sony to announce the 500 dollar bundle with 2 ds4 and a game and the camera!!

MWong1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

@ DebateMaster
What features aren't going to be available? I hope that's not true it sounds like the console is rushed.

GameStop Announced a similar bundle to that after E3 with KZ:SF. I know they are talking about releasing the same package in Europe.

Magicite1925d ago

I think its already announced but above 500$

Mystogan1925d ago

Lol nope. This gen hasn't even started yet? Remember the $600 ps3? Sony recovered from that. And Microsoft is already recovering quickly from the bad PR. They won't win this year. But 2014 will be very interesting. The internet forgets really fast.

scott1821925d ago

True, Sony had an abysmal start and was the mockery of Xbox fans and press alike. It's strange to see things change so much.

corvusmd1925d ago

You mean like Gaikai? Or voice navigation? I would think missing your network would be more important than a few countries missing some of the voice navigation features (not to mention Sony won't ship with any). Please don't call yourself debate master when you are clearly biased, but have no actual reason for being so. You will never win a debate if you base your opinion on no facts. PS4 will no doubt take an early lead, but it's not the XB1 crushing machine you wish it was, counting XB1 out is just dumb.

True_Samurai1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

^^ Why only Europe? @TheForceOfFire

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cunnilumpkin1925d ago

neither has any games compelling enough for me to cough up $400-$500 for, then buy a $65 game or two, then pay for online gaming, then buy a second controller at $65 if I want a friend to play

nahh.....i'll stick with my pc, which is WAY more next gen than ps4 or xbox1 and I'll keep my ps3 and 360 for a few more years

when these things are under $300, come with some games and a few months free of their crappy peer to peer pay to play online service, then I'll consider it

until then, pc,ps3,xbox360 ftw!

1925d ago
Mystogan1925d ago

Xbox One is not peer to peer though. They have 300.000 dedicated servers for any dev to take advantage off for very cheap.

Hicken1925d ago

So why are you even commenting, then?

By the way, why not just cough up $400, grab a bunch of free to play games, and let your friend get their own?

And you're definitely not gonna be playing with your friend on your PC.

Most of the gaming, it seems, will be on dedicated servers, as well.

Oh, and preorders say lots of people see games compelling enough to spend the money on.

Geez, trolls are out in full force here at the start of this gen. Wonder if it was like this at the start of the last?

trafalger1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

"So why are you even commenting, then?"

arent you the same person who continues to post in xbone topics with no interest in it?

"By the way, why not just cough up $400, grab a bunch of free to play games, and let your friend get their own?"

no mention of the xbone, i wonder why?

"And you're definitely not gonna be playing with your friend on your PC."

you can play with friends online and yes, some pc games allow for more than one controller. rayman legends allows up to 4 people. get with the times.

"Most of the gaming, it seems, will be on dedicated servers, as well."

sony hasn't even talked about that for the ps4. on the other hand we have had lots of discussion about it on the xbone.

"Oh, and preorders say lots of people see games compelling enough to spend the money on."

that only tells half the story. some buy these things in hopes to make a profit and resell them. some buy it as an investment for future games they know will eventually come. some buy it early because they are hardcore fans who like being first and getting things early.

"Geez, trolls are out in full force here at the start of this gen. Wonder if it was like this at the start of the last?"

shall we look through your comment history?

Zichu1925d ago

Well, I'm going to be enjoying both consoles. They both are offering some amazing games, so why not get both??


Majin-vegeta1925d ago

Cuz some us have other stuff to pay and can only afford to get one??

Mystogan1925d ago

I never was interested in any Playstation Exclusive. Xbox has all the IP's that I like and the Controller I like. Xbox One is exactly how I imagined a nextgen console to be like. With the true multitasking and snap mode. And believe it or not, Skype while gaming is just pure awesome.

kneon1925d ago

I'm the opposite, I've yet to find an Xbox exclusive that makes me want to buy one. As for Skype, I've been using skype since the very early days and have it on nearly every network connected device I own including some of my TVs, but I'm never going to use it while gaming.

humbleopinion1925d ago

Eventually I will too.
From a pure launch titles perspective the Xbox One does look better, but I decided I will wait for 2014 to see how the dust settles and which one I'd get first, since right now none of them seems to have "that killer app" game for launch.