WWE 2K14: New Gameplay Video from PAX feat. Hogan and Stone Cold

WWE 2K14: New Gameplay Video from PAX feat. Hogan and Stone Cold

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solid_snake36561925d ago

WOW! looks that same as the past few WWE games. I can't stand these stupid "exclusive rights" crap. Developers need competition, or else we get the same crap year after year, Madden and WWE are a perfect example.

bilzdabest1925d ago

If its so crap why are you hear.
Next gen is less than a year away and you really expect a revolution.
Not only that but the went bankrupt half way through development.
So not only do you know nothing about wrestling , you know nothing bout the gaming market ever.
U call yourself solid but ur brain definitely isn't

solid_snake36561919d ago

Wtf are you talking about "I don't know anything about wrestling". I've been watching wrestling since the early 90's. I like your attempt at insulting my intelligence, yet you don't know the difference between "hear" and here. And I'm not looking for "revolution" I'm looking for evolution lol. I came here because I enjoy pro wrestling, and I enjoy wrestling games. The issue is wrestling games haven't changed much the past few years. Oh and FYI if you're going to insult someone's intelligence, please check your grammar before doing so. Or else you're just going to make yourself look like a fool like you just did.

3-4-51925d ago

I think it looks good.

2k isn't about looks, what they will do for this franchise is the small things.

Go look at how much you can tinker and make realistic in college hoops 2k8 and also in the mlb 2k series.

Game will be better.

bilzdabest1925d ago

i dunno much about 2k.
I played nba once around a friends house and it was quite good though we didn't understand the controls at all.
But the only thing 2k can do now, is to constantly update the game. I mean i know they will have to two games and the same time but look at fifa. They constantly update there games. And I'm not talking bout roster , the roster looks as good as it is, I'm talking about online bugs and freezing issues. Take away that and i think wwe 13 is perfect.

wwffan171925d ago

well at leased i dont bitch about it

Drex2781925d ago

I think it looks good just wish the stupid fcks recording it played better and showed more stuff whoever was playing that sucks...

Drex2781925d ago

I'm not gonna judge 2K until I play the game but I got faith in 2K first they can't do any worse then what THQ did to wwe 13 I mean wwe13 woulda been a lot better without all the bugs and glitches but there were a lot of them and I don't think THQ gave a shit cuz they knew they were going outta business so I'm not gonna pass judgment on 2K till after I play see I'm not a big basketball fan but I do play their nba game sometime and I do have to say 2k's nba games look awesome so I'm excited to see what their gonna do with the wrestling games plus next years game will be on then consoles like ps4 I can't wait

bilzdabest1924d ago

I think if u take away the bugs and glitches in wwe 13, i think it was a good game.

I dont epext 2k to make something amazing. The ONLY thing i want is CONSTANT updates to the game. U can't say to have a short time span fifa only has a year but they constantly update their game. Maybe a 20 years starcade mode as well.