Gameplay of Motorstorm from Micromania Game Show

Some footage of Motorstorm's new build, absolutely stunning visually.

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daboosa4465d ago

but now ive seen the game play it looks awsome and if you think it dont you must be blind

kingboy4465d ago

it`s a must have for any ps3 user believe me.spend more time longer than any other ps3 game on this yesterday.

videl4465d ago

wow, damn impressive!

Antan4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

Who would of thought it, HDR and AA together on the PS3 (sarcasm). Tremendous indeed. very nice high rez textures, pity the player is in 10th place!! but amazing crashes and vehicle details non the less. Now watch the 360 fanboys come and rip it to pieces.

daboosa4462d ago

These 360 guys are just trying to rip into every game! why dont they go and play there console if its that good!!! (oh but its not lol)

sparco4465d ago

That game does look pretty fu**in amazing. Now i can safely say the PS3 has 2 games at launch that look good =D

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The story is too old to be commented.