Clock Tower: A Look Back

Clock Tower, a point and click horror game developed by Human Entertainment and released in Japan for the SNES in 1995, presents the story of a stalking killer through a unique and memorable gaming experience.

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mcroddi1924d ago

I do remember this game. Never played it tho.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1924d ago

The time where survival horror was at its peak and taking risks, good times

bohangirl841924d ago

Agreed! It's a shame survival horror is no longer what it used to be.

punisher991924d ago

Ah "Clocktower" I have fond memories of this franchise. If you want to play a game that will keep your heart racing, and literally keep you scared to death. Then play this game, or the ones thats on the PSone and PS2. Being chased by a serial killer with no way to defend yourself can get to you sometimes. The only way to get through these games is to hide and pray.

jimmywolf1924d ago

was a fun game, was a murder mystery with multiple endings. had random events, while you look for clues. you had to try find place too hide when your been hunted. was very good concept game with flaws, but love it just the same.

Someguyisawesome1924d ago

I played it once but I didn't really take the time explore the game. I would be interested to play it again and get all the endings.