Diehard GameFAN: Pokemon Rumble U Review

DHGF: Pokémon Rumble U is a fine addition to the Pokémon Rumble series. It stays true to the core gameplay while providing a very different experience thanks to new options like four player co-op at every stage of the game. The graphics are a bit lackluster and the story is weak, but it’s still a fun game that is hard to put down. Some detractors might poo-poo the inclusion of interactive toys for the game, but the toys are half the cost of those for Skylanders or Disney Infinity and they are optional. Plus, the core game is roughly a fourth of the cost of the other options out there in the interactive toy market. Hands down, Pokémon Rumble U blows the competition away in terms of cost and replay value, but if you already have the Wii and/or 3DS versions, you might not need to experience this unless you love all things Pokémon.

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