Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer - VGU's Gamescom Preview

While we at VGU were at Gamescom we managed to get to play the new Call of Duty: Ghosts! Check out what we thought of this newest addition to the CoD Franchise!

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Thirty3Three1924d ago

So, I've held this question in my mind for a LONG TIME.

While playing a game like CoD: Ghosts via remote play, online, against other PS4 players, can you use the Vita's mic to speak with others in-game, since you're playing from your Vita?

Thanks! <3

IanVanCheese1924d ago

I doubt it. you're only streaming the image from your PS4, you aren't sending any information back to it as far as I'm aware of.

Would be cool though.

Thirty3Three1924d ago

Interesting! I hope it's possible though :)

thegame25311924d ago

*insert unoriginal fish joke that's on every Call of Duty Ghosts video ever because it's so hilarious and not overused AT ALL*