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Fighter Within is a Kinect controlled fighting title coming to the Xbox One at launch. Is it doomed to the same fate as Fighters Uncaged?

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thetruthx11876d ago

Honestly this game looks good I'd try it out. The fighting moves look good and the graphics are impressive

1876d ago
maniacmayhem1876d ago

If anything THIS should have been the F2P game to launch with Xbox One.

My opinion of course.

Volkama1876d ago

I'm not patently against kinect games, but I just can't imagine this one being good. Unless your buddy accidentally smacks you in the chops then there is nothing stopping you from all-out attack, and this probably equates to wildly flapping arms and legs for most people.

There also surely has to be a better way to control movement than leaning forward/backwards? A little footwork or something?

Oh well, not every game has to suit my tastes I suppose.

MisfitsInc1876d ago

this game looks like absolute garbage