Microsoft's Albert Penello confirmed Xbox One supports Game-Audio through Headset

Yes absolutely. We talked about this a while back I think.

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dantesparda1898d ago

Question, can the PS4 do this to? And this is not no fanboy bs, i geniunely want to know

Septic1898d ago

Yeah pretty much. You can plug in headphones into the controller itself.

jackanderson19851898d ago

yeah didn't that main guy on twitter (can't recall his name for the life of me) say that game audio can be pumped through it

dantesparda1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Alright, thanks guys, i thought it could but wanted to be sure

Animal Mutha 761898d ago


That link you posted says you can use the port on the controller for game audio OR chat. Can it not do both? Serious question how does it work?

Mounce1898d ago

Non-fanboy-response buuut.

Isn't obvious question? Like, Sony makes Sony Pulse headsets and stuff and Sony Wireless Stereo headsets which are essentially for PS3 so it's like....being that Sony is a multimedia company that makes loads of other electronics and hardware....

Them not allowing headset use....just would be weird.

harrisk9541898d ago

Yes, it was recently confirmed by Shu Yoshida.

JaxLester1898d ago

Yes it also can which is great for all maried gamers

Volkama1898d ago

2.1 stereo sound from the PS4 controller.
7.1 surround from the One controller (that's what the proprietary connection and Wi-Fi bandwidth is for).

It's not the huge advantage it seems though. As other people have said, you can use Sony's pulse headset or any number of wireless headsets that support SP/DIF optical.

1898d ago
dantesparda1898d ago


Link please, cuz i have never heard anything about the X1 doing 7.1 ch. surround while the PS4 does 2.1 ch. stereo

christocolus1898d ago

Yup it was. confirmed some days ago....nice that the xbox can do this too....for late night gaming in the living room.

Volkama1898d ago

Dantesparda, I'm only referring to sound via the controller. I'm sure both consoles support 7.1 surround, and probably identical Dolby stickers (I'm not a huge audiophile, i don't know what the latest sound features are. I love good surround though).

The capability was detailed some time ago. I really don't feel like battling my iPhone browser to find a link. The Xbox One turtle beach sets make use of it.

I'm actually looking out for a good headset at the moment. I want a wireless set that supports both consoles and my pc. Any sp/dif set would have been ok, but the Xbox voice chat is a bit of a ball ache. Nobody is talking about a truly universal set yet, but I'm sure it'll come before long.

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slimeybrainboy1898d ago

Didnt it do this last gen? Everyone got tutrlebeaches for COD footsteps or something?

HolyDuck1898d ago

Headset had to plugged into Console for game sound, not just the controller.

Cloudyday711898d ago

"Anything Sony say we can can say 48 hours later!"

Grown Folks Talk1898d ago

Yep. Him answering a question on twitter is copying Sony.

1898d ago
Kayant1898d ago

Good now everyone can enjoy easy late night gaming :)

green1898d ago

That is a cool feature to get.

Perjoss1898d ago

the headsets have audio? this is like technology from the future!

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