Gran Turismo HD :: Polyphony Digital Releases more Carporn

Polyphony Digital Released this new series of renders and images of Grand Turismo HD Premium, and also 2 videos showing the menu system and a replay.

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Maddens Raiders4465d ago

This latest build looks great. Hopefully they'll add real exhaust smell in GT-6. LOL

FordGTGuy4464d ago

Because It doesn't at all.

NextGen24Gamer4464d ago

Tell me you don't see a million very very noticable jaggies. This is unacceptable in a console that costs 200 more than the competition folks. And once again, it looks nothing like the screen shots shown a few months ago. Forza 2 looks much better honestly. I'm getting more and more elated with my 360 purchases. For 200 dollars less...we get much much more in terms of graphics and exclusive games. PEOPLE...look at those in game screen shots. Jaggies everywhere. WOW

Shadow Flare4464d ago

yeah its also coming out tommorow, didn't you know?

Maddens Raiders4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

Ford GT - I'm not sure what exactly you are talking about,
- "I can't believe people said this looks better then Forza 2" -

This writer has never said that. I'm not sure of the extent of you're Gran Turismo playing or knowledge - so I'll try to lend a hand. This game is really not a "game" but a movement that is now on the edge of becoming somewhat of a "cult" classic like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre only in this instance - one is making a massacre of asphalt and dirt with the true to life 4-wheeled beast of their choice. It is easy for some to say that GTHD doesn't "look" better than Forza, but then again (and I know this sounds a little odd) to the followers of Polyphony and their passionate pursuit of excellence which is "Gran Turismo," they know they're getting MORE than just visuals. It is an intimate relationship between the driver and the vehicle which they manifest flawlessly and have managed to bring to every rendition in the series since the PS One; an absolute
O B S E S S I O N with vehicles. Remember the sayings, "It's a _______ thing you wouldn't understand?" - Well, that's kinda how this series is - It really is a "GT" thing. I have nothing against Forza I or II - like I've said before, games like it and others to follow have paid homage to Kaz Yamauchi (the college dropout) and his Polyphony crew since the first iteration of this game. It has been the Flagship game for Sony since its inception and I don't think any one game will knock it off it's Legendary perch any time soon. I watch tons of Le Mans, World Circuit Races, Japanese Super GT, D-1 Drift, and SCCA races and have never noticed before how a single "video game" has influenced the world of Auto Racing and fanaticism, Worldwide. I personally witnessed it change the landscape and dynamics of Auto enthusiasm and car worship in America after it's first game hit the shelves back in the '90's. Hell, I worked incessantly to be able to buy my first "tuner". I bought a Red, '95 Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR-4 just to fit into my neighborhood after the craze took over. Tricked it out with a 2" drop, a set of 5" HKS cat-back superdraggers, 18" Enkei Spiders (white), Eibach Springs, and 4 Z-rated "super-sticky" Sumitomo tires at the edges. I had OBX stainles steel racing headers and the car was dynoed at R.P.M. Inc. in San Diego at 560 b.h.p. The car was absolutely S I C K - and the FIRST one in my town like it. I can safely say that Gran Turismo was a major influence on me at that time. (I still hold the speed record from San Diego to San Antonio in less than seventeen hours!!! LOL)
All in all GTHD "Premium" and GTHD "Classic" are still two offerings which will quench the thirst of "Turismo Purists" until the big daddy, GT-5, hits the shelves sometime next year. All fans of GT know that much of GTHD is outright unfinished & Fans and media have been regarding Gran Turismo HD as a "placeholder" title in the series, something to keep fans busy while Polyphony works on the true Gran Turismo 5. There will be downloadable patches, game content and car models which will even inlude damage modeling. Something that the licensed auto manufacturers of GT have been reluctant to embrace since day one. Kaz Yamauchi and company haven't dissapointed yet, and if this is a "placeholder" I've gotta get all of my excuses ready for next year when I go missing for three months.

What I'm Playing Now:
Gran Turismo 4
in an '04 Ford GT LM Race Car Spec II [Track Meet]

Apocalypse Shadow4463d ago

didn't look as good as this.the only difference was car damage.toca race driver 3 does a better job of car damage.and that's on xbox1.this looks just as good as forza and the back ground looks better.

Yo Wassap4463d ago

The background is pre-rendered that's why. It's what they've always done, in the future the downsides to that will be apparent just not now.
The videos looked good but the screens were awful mostly. Just my opinion

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