Digital Foundry- Face-Off: Rayman Legends

EG:Originally built exclusively around the Wii U hardware, Rayman Legends was delayed in order to accommodate a rollout on multiple platforms - a decision that robbed Nintendo of its most promising third-party exclusive and left us genuinely worried about the game's prospects. In our initial Wii U demo analysis, we found that Ubisoft's GamePad utilisation created genuinely innovative gameplay mechanics that simply wouldn't work on any other console in the same way. With touchscreen and gyroscope features playing a big part in the level design, the inevitable consequence would surely be a game with a cut-down feature-set and a significant departure from the developer's original vision.

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trafalger1876d ago

the wii-u adds gamepad elements. does the vita allow the same experience with the ps3? if not its a wasted opportunity.

YoungPlex1876d ago

Vita and Wii U version for me! Michel Ancel and the team at Ubisoft Montpellier did a great job porting the game across all platforms, that's why they get my money.

Africa-Garvey1876d ago

Wii u is superb, Don,t u ever call it a gimmick again in ur life

Neonridr1876d ago

Great to see that all gamers are getting the same high quality game. I am definitely buying this tomorrow on the Wii U however, since personally, I feel the gamepad adds that extra element to the game, and that is how it was designed from the start.