Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Videos - Wildlands, Yusnaan, The Ark, Luxerion & Dead Dunes

Square Enix has released 5 new trailers showing some of the locations of Nova Chrysalia.

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Ksar1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Awesome graphics and music, i am impressed.

Wish it was released this year though.

vishmarx1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

is it possible to learn decent japanese in 2 1/2 months?

dcj05241876d ago

Spoken or written? Learning how to speak takes around 2-5 months but learning how to actually read takes ALOT longer. Damn Kanji.

vishmarx1876d ago

damn...even the basic stuff enough to make import game playable?

ErryK1876d ago

You can try learning Kana, that would get you most of the UI down, however Kanji takes a while and most of the plot is in Kanji. Personally, I am getting the JP version with only Kana knowledge and that's what I've been using with Japanese games most of the time and I've had pretty good luck with it.

cleft51876d ago

This game is really looking good.

black0o1877d ago

this will make put my DS4 and pick up DS3 once again

-Foxtrot1876d ago

Smoke and Mirrors they did the same people to sucker people into buying FF13-2 and most of the stuff they promised ended up being lies or over exaggerated

chikane1876d ago

doesn't Vanille appear in the Luxerion area ? so why didn't they show her on the video?

Kalebninja1876d ago

same way they didnt show sazh and fang in one of the other 3

DEATHxTHExKIDx1876d ago

just gets better and better.