Interview: Phil Harrison & David Gardner - What Next for Atari?

One of the biggest announcements of the year so far was the one that involved Phil Harrison leaving his role as president of Sony Worldwide Studios, where he'd overseen the creation of brands such as SingStar and EyeToy and was keeping a watchful eye on PlayStation Home, to join the ailing Infogrames/Atari - a company that looked like it only had one life left: Alone in the Dark.

But that decision to join David Gardner began to make more sense with talk of reinvigorating the brand and riding the new wave of casual users - here the two top men, Gardner and Harrison, talk to and offer more details on their thinking for the company's next steps.

Q: What exactly do you mean when you talk about your online titles?

Phil Harrison: There are two things going on which I think will help. One is that the Flash technology is getting better all the time, so there is just a rising tide that means in-browser doesn't mean simple 2D any more. You can have 3D really immersive experiences.

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crunchie1013838d ago

the fist to comment out of Kaz Hirai, Sir Ken Kutarigi and Jack Tretton wins an egg!

Phil Harrison Mklll3838d ago


They cut out my bald head! :D

crunchie1013837d ago

of course - i forget sometimes how many sony/ ex-sony executives are on this site.

meepmoopmeep3838d ago

i hope it pays off for Phil Harrison, Atari and the gamers.
Alone in the Dark looks impressive so far.

Palodios3838d ago

It sounds like they're really counting on Alone in the Dark to do well. I sure hope they start putting more content and hype out there, because quite frankly, it sounds like its getting lost between gta, mario kart, and metal gear solid.