No Further Dojo Updates

Masahiro Sakurai created the Dojo with the intention of offering breaking news-type updates prior to the release of the game, and organizing the site so that it could be used as a database of features in the game after its release.

Now that Brawl is available, he hopes that players will continue to use the site as a resource for information.

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Odiah3842d ago

Of course the American and Japanese don't care, the game is already out in those regions!

Won't my fellow Europeans join me in some misery tea and sorrow biscuits? :(

ItsDubC3842d ago

Agreed, they should at least keep adding updates until the game is available in all regions.

LazyPhalanges3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

"There’s always a chance that I will need to update sometime in the future with some kind of announcement."

So there is a possibility that there will be more updates, just not regularly.

Does Europe even have a release date yet?