Titanfall "not gunning" for other shooters

Upcoming Titanfall is not trying to compete against any other first-person shooter on the market, according to Respawn community manager Abbie Heppe.

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RedDeadLB1899d ago

That's the key to success. That's how a game becomes a league of it's own, if it's good enough. Just look at Counter Strike.

skydragoonity1899d ago

I like this game. That's why I'll get it on my 360! ... Now where in the closet did i keep it....

Belking1899d ago Show
Bundi1899d ago

It's right there next to you. Take it out when you finally decide to come out of there.

Qurupeco1899d ago

That's 'cause there's no competition.

The_Truth_24_71899d ago

Can't wait for the PS4 port!

HammadTheBeast1899d ago

Just play it best on PC for a bit.

Bundi1899d ago

Oh but you can, and more importantly, you have to.

AsimLeonheart1899d ago

The game is multiplayer only so that already puts it in a different league than the rest of the shooters. I wonder how many people will miss out on it because either they do not play online, do not have a fast enough or any internet at all or do not have a gold membership (or PS+ membership if it ever comes to PS4). I think making it multiplayer only severely limits its potential market and number of customers.