Digital Extremes Issue Warframe PlayStation 4 Launch Statement

Digital Extremes have been discussing the intended launch date for the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 edition of Warframe for some time, and today they have issued an official statement regarding the availability of the videogame. For three months starting at launch on 15th November 2013, in North America and 29th November in Europe, PlayStation 4 system owners will get first crack at being a space ninja.

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nick3091898d ago

So its timed exclusive. Good, everyone needs to play this. Digital extremes ftw

FamilyGuy1898d ago

Have you played it already on pc or something?
It looks great but some pc guy on here claims it loses its novelty fast.

I'll definitely be checking this out at launch though.

nick3091898d ago

I haven't, but i love digital extremes works.

pandehz1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

You wont enjoy it for long.

Its very much a pay to win game.

You will need to grind for like AGES to get anything remotely decent and yeah after a while it gets same-ish and bam uninstall.

I've played a good 30hrs or so. Can download on steam.

Alexious1898d ago

It's not exactly a masterpiece, I'll tell you that. But you can give it a try, it's free after all.

Doctoglethorpe1898d ago

"You won't enjoy it for long"

"I played it for 30 hours"

Orange is hard to rhyme.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1898d ago

The game is fine. You CAN play to win to a certain extent. Basically to buy weapons/frames; that you can normally farm the parts for and make without spending a dollar. But if you want to be good, you gotta play the game because it's all about the mods you get(mods being weapon and frame enhances). I haven't spent a dollar and I got some seriously powerful stuff.

zeal0us1898d ago

It can get repetitive or dull fast for some players.

Be prepare to farm a lot or pay some $$$. In game currency or credits can only buy a few things in the game sadly. You can't buy additional Warframe with credits. If you want more Warframes you will have farm or pay for them in platinum(cash shop currency).

Also I would suggest choosing Excalibur as your starting Warframe instead of Mag and Loki. Mag provides a better shield but most of her skills(excluding crush) aren't all that good. Loki is a stealth-type warframe. Sadly most random players go acting like they're Rambo and alerting the enemy. Soon as the enemy is alerted its pointless to do mission using stealth.

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CGI-Quality1897d ago

Good, so I'm sure you feel Titanfall should be timed as well - so everyone can play it, yes?

Shane Kim1898d ago

This game sucks, played for about 2 hrs on steam and got bored. All levels look the same.

1897d ago
lfPetrini1898d ago

I see a lot of people complaining about Microsoft's timed exclusives but now Sony is doing that and no one gets butthurt