Gareth Bale to 'remain on FIFA 14 UK cover' despite Real Madrid transfer

Gareth Bale will remain on the UK cover of FIFA 14, despite yesterday's record-breaking transfer to Real Madrid.

In a statement provided to this morning, EA Sports confirmed that "Gareth Bale remains the FIFA 14 UK cover star alongside Lionel Messi.

"In light of his recent transfer we are working closely with his management and we will have an update soon."

The decision to keep Bale on the cover means that FIFA 14 will be the first core FIFA release not to feature a Premier League player on the UK cover.

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slimeybrainboy1963d ago

A Madrid vs Barca cover would look so good. We are missing an english team but who cares it would love nice.

TwistingWords1962d ago

An awful lot to spend on a bench warmer

slimeybrainboy1962d ago

He wont be warming any benches, especially not if Ozil and Di Maria come to Arsenal!

grumpc1962d ago

why would he be a bench warmer?

Omran1962d ago

bench warmer lol
see you in clasicooo
when shakira lovers
and poyul gets owned by
ronaldo and bale


Thought it was ronaldo back in a Man U shirt?