PALGN: Deadly Creatures Preview - It's creepy, it's crawly... it's deadly. But how's it looking so far?

PALGN writes: "With many products sticking to tried-and-true formulas that have become staples in the gaming industry, it's always nice and refreshing when an idea comes along that is unique in its premise. Even more exciting is when the idea is not only unique, but also executed effectively. Narrative and concept is only one part of the battle, and while some original stories do get told, sometimes they're lost in translation when the gameplay just doesn't hold up its end of the bargain. Rainbow Studios have been hard at work to try and successfully create an intense and frightening game world in the creepy-crawly universe, and after getting a hands-on with the game, we have to say that Deadly Creatures could be one of the best 'interesting-concept' games to be released this year."

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wiizy3936d ago

thats a def purchase for me.

kingme713936d ago

Here's a game that looks to be breaking new ground and not retreading like so many others. Hope it works out and the game is good. It looks promising.